Butt Cake: Slice of Life #sol18

My son woke up uncharacteristically late yesterday morning, which made him cranky. He doesn’t like to miss the morning any more than I do.

“What would you like for breakfast?” I asked.

I love everything about eating breakfast and everything about making breakfast. If I had my way, all three meals in the day would be breakfast. It doesn’t seem fair or right that such an excellent meal comes only once a day.

“Butt cake,” he said.

“Butt cake! I don’t think we have any of that.”

I assumed he was trying to joke himself out of his cranky, so I tried to muster a laugh.  Butt, poop, and fart jokes are perennial favorites around here.  (I once asked my college students when poop jokes stop being funny to boys. The guys looked around the room, checking in with each other, and then broke the bad news to me: “Never!”)

“No, for real,” I said. “What would you like for breakfast?”

“Butt cake!” he insisted.

I waggled my eyebrows at him.

“Butt cake! BUTT CAKE!” Now he was really sounding cranky. “You’ve made it before! BUTT CAKE!”

I was just about to insist that I have most assuredly never served him butt cake when I realized what he was saying. Bundt cake. All those years I was saying Bundt cake, he was hearing butt cake.

This time, I really could laugh.

Once we cleared things up (Bundt is the name of the cake’s shape, not its flavor; no, I have no idea why; I’ll look it up), I had to break my own bad news: 11 a.m. is way too late to start making a Bundt cake for breakfast.

He made do with a bagel but grumbled about cake for the rest of the day.

I promised cake for breakfast tomorrow and asked what kind.

“Bundt!” he said.

“Ok, so did you hear me earlier when I explained that Bundt is a shape and not a flavor?”


“Yeah, but what flavor?”


I didn’t point out that “soft” isn’t a flavor either. I kind of love it that Bundt cake brings out my son’s linguistic inner caveman. That’s how I feel about cake too.

This morning, I woke up early and made my own favorite Bundt cake, Joy the Baker‘s Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Though it’s in the breakfast section of her excellent cookbook, Homemade Decadence, it’s hardly the kind of balanced healthy breakfast I try to serve my son. But it is delicious.

(This is not a photo of Sour Cream Coffee Cake. But this Bundt cake looks pretty good too.)

easter cake with colorful topping
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com





13 responses to “Butt Cake: Slice of Life #sol18”

  1. TammyB Avatar

    This is a great slice!!! The pun work nicely too. It made me laugh out loud for reals too.

  2. Teachingnest87 Avatar

    Having adult sons and living in house of males I can attest to the fact that the jokes about bodily functions never end. Summer mornings should be made of cake for breakfast!

  3. Georganna Rapaport Avatar

    What a fun slice! These little moments with kids should be recorded or we might forget them! 🙂

  4. Lisa Corbett Avatar

    Cake for breakfast sounds great to me! I bought a bundt pan, but have yet to use it. Maybe I’ll give this recipe a try.

  5. Adrienne Avatar

    So funny! It is amazing what kids hear when we think we are being so clear and obvious. “Butt’ is always a funny word.

  6. Darin Johnston Avatar

    Butt cake made me giggle! However, I’m all in for most any kind of cake for breakfast, with special consideration given to rhubarb coffee cake, but that’s just me! 🙂

    Thanks for the highly entertaining slice!

  7. Juliana Ellington Avatar

    I laughed out loud while I read this Slice!

  8. arjeha Avatar

    One of my favorite cakes for breakfast, or anytime, is the Cinnabon Roll cake. Tastes just like the breakfast roll. Besides, whats wrong with cake for breakfast? It has eggs, milk, and other breakfast items depending on the kind of cake.

  9. Amanda Potts Avatar

    This made me giggle – sounds like something that would happen around here! And you’ve inspired me, too. I may have to make a coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow. Yum. So glad you linked to the recipe.

  10. carwilc Avatar

    Cake for breakfast! Yummmmm! Even butt cake!!! My boys would love a mother who cooked breakfast every morning!

  11. jarhartz Avatar

    So funny! All of it. You are a good mom!

  12. Akilah Avatar

    …but isn’t all cake soft?

  13. […] slice about a confusing breakfast request: Butt […]

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