Quotidian Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #3


Image CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0 Steve Rotman on Flickr.com

I am joining Trina Haase at Trinarrative for a daily haiku challenge in December.

There’s always that day early in a new challenge where it’s late and you’re wrapping up your day and winding things down and then you suddenly remember you’ve committed to a challenge and so far, you haven’t done a darned thing about it for that day. Today was that day for me.

I actually thought about today’s haiku as I drove to work this morning. I noticed that the sky was the same color as the snow-covered plain. It wasn’t clear where earth met sky at the horizon. A bald eagle stood in the snow in the median. I saw at least a dozen hawks–several different species–perched on fence posts and electrical poles. I wished, as I do every morning and every afternoon, that I knew enough about birds to identify them. The trees were still blanketed by snow, and their white outlines nearly disappeared against the white sky and the white earth. I thought I had much to write about.

And then I got home and got swept up in the requirements of the day. And so now I’m writing a quotidian haiku.

Reflect on the day
Notebook turned to a fresh page
Haiku on demand

4 responses to “Quotidian Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #3”

  1. The landscape you describe sounds beautiful. Eagle,hawks,snow. I’m familiar with how daily requirements drown wonder. Hope there’s a future haiku about the scene you describe.

  2. I love your description of the landscape.
    Found haiku:
    Sky and snow the same
    Trees disappear in white sky
    An eagle stands guard

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