NCTE Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #10


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I am joining Trina Haase at Trinarrative for a daily haiku challenge this month.

I usually write several reflective learning posts about NCTE, but this has been an especially busy semester, and I haven’t had much time for rereading notebooks and sharing my learning since I’ve been back. But for today’s haiku, I’ve taken a few of my favorite quotations from the conference and turned them into haiku. Words have been cut and rearranged, but no words have been added.

I like to look at people
and listen to them.
Discover new things
–Kate DiCamillo
(Quoted by Olivia Van Lidtje)


No great learning comes
from be quiet and sit still.
Grow from discomfort
–Cornelius Minor


Weaponize research:
destroy oppressive systems
to keep children safe.
–Cornelius Minor


Think of the questions
you can’t answer easily.
Read who gives you voice
–Naomi Shihab Nye


sometimes it’s ok
for black people to be
–Jason Reynolds

most life-giving part
of being a writer:
when you surprise yourself
–Amy Ludwig VanDerWater









3 responses to “NCTE Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #10”

  1. margaretsmn Avatar

    I love these. You have captured so much in such few words. I hope you tweet this to the authors you have created them from.

  2. Akilah Avatar

    Come through, Jason Reynolds.

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