Grading Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #16


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I’m joining Trina Haase at Trinarrative for a daily haiku challenge this month.

Semester grades are due tomorrow, and I have spent the day sorting papers, opening files, checking off boxes, charting numbers. It feels more like bookkeeping than grading.  I suppose I could take more time and try to give meaningful feedback, but I suppose I feel like students have learned what they’re going to learn from the class they’ve completed. I’m not sure that they would even locate an additional few comments posted to a course website. Still, I feel like the rich thinking in their final reflective papers is a missed opportunity for feedback and connection. My conflicted feelings did inspire today’s haiku:

end of semester
piles of papers, files on files,
too late for feedback?

2 responses to “Grading Haiku: Haiku-A-Day Challenge #16”

  1. Oh, I don’t give feedback on final papers. I know then they’re just looking for the grade. I did comment on a few students’ final reflections but only because I felt it important to respond to something they said about themselves. For instance, I had a student getting down on herself for her poor performance at the end of the semester, so I left her a comment asking her to consider reframing it as a learning experience and to remind her that the first semester of college can be hard adjustment.

    But for their research papers? Nah.

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