Wind Cave Haiku: Haiku-a-Day Challenge #24

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I’m joining Trina Haase at Trinarrative for a daily haiku challenge this month.

It was a mild day, and we slipped out between batches of cookies to take a short hike in Wind Cave National Park, made even shorter by the appearance of two bison just off the trail. We knew they’d walked the same path at some time earlier in the day because we’d seen a lot of fresh dung on the trail, but there was no guarantee we’d see the animals themselves. But then there they were beside a stand of Ponderosa pine trees. One stood and one rested in the grass. If we’d been walking across open prairie, it would have been easy to walk around them, but this was a canyon trail and there wasn’t enough space to give them a safe wide berth. So we stood and admired them for a few minutes, and then turned and headed home.

hike halted early
by the ponderosa pines
a bison, standing





2 responses to “Wind Cave Haiku: Haiku-a-Day Challenge #24”

  1. Trina Haase Avatar
    Trina Haase

    I cannot believe that you see bison! How amazing!

  2. […] And the usual assortment of haiku to round out my December challenge: townie deer, eagle on the prairie, bison carcass, disheveled Christmas tree, cats in wrapping paper, living bison. […]

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