Since Last March: Slice of Life #sol19 5/31

Today’s format is one I discovered last year from Fran McVeigh.

Since last March I’ve been to Utah.

Utah, where my son thinks all the supercars live,

Utah, where we hike the most unlikely landscapes,

Utah, which I tell myself I shouldn’t love (I love trees, water, gentle vistas, humidity),

Utah, where I feel oddly home and free.

Since last March, I turned 46.

46 and can’t ever recall if I’m 45 or 48. 47?

46 and all the slowdowns and breakdowns of middle age that I was convinced only happened to other people are happening to me

46, a good even number, even if I can’t remember it,

46, until July.

Since last March, I’ve said goodbye.

Goodbye to Xander, kind-hearted cat with the grating meow, slothlike sleeper, warm pillow for kittens, so in love with love,

Goodbye to Roxy, hardest goodbye of all,

Goodbye to Roxy, sensitive soul, cat lover, Velcro dog, constant companion for fourteen years,

Goodbye Roxy.

Since last March, I’ve said hello.

Hello to Oliver, ginger #fosterfail, quick to play, quicker to purr, quickest to turn pencil tail to giant raccoon puff and zoom after invisible prey,

Hello to more travel, more projects, more friendships, more responsibilities,

Hello to more new books than I can count (or read!),

Hello to more calm, more peace, more yes.

26 responses to “Since Last March: Slice of Life #sol19 5/31”

    • It certainly IS hard to lose two pets in one year! We’ve spent a lot of family talk time focusing on how hard it sometimes is to love pets when we know they will grow old and die.

  1. Thank you for giving me an idea for tomorrow. I amy even use this with my 7th graders! It is a great way to be reflective. I like how you included the positive and negative things.

  2. This is a great format,. I plan to steal it sometime this month, The picture of Roxy and Xander is precious. Hope they’re snuggling together somewhere beyond the Rainbow Bridge!

    • It’s perfect for one of those days! I’m having a lot of fun with formats this year. It’s also fun to go back and revisit formats I’ve used before to generate entirely new pieces of writing.

  3. I agree with Stacey. This format is definitely something I want to try when I am stuck for an idea. Losing two faithful friends in one year is tough. Oliver is lucky to now be a part of your family.

    • I look forward to reading your version! Adding all the other cats was easy, but it took months to integrate Oliver. We had second and third and fourth thoughts many times about keeping him because it seemed like everyone else HATED him. But they finally adjusted, mostly. In fact, right now he’s snuggling cheek to cheek with Toast, who was the longest holdout and tried to kill him daily for over a month!

  4. This is a great format – you’re inspiring me with formats like crazy this week. I’m storing them up for all the days ahead… Also, I love all your cats (especially Chipotle and Oliver) and I totally relate to not remembering your age.

    • I never have any clue. My son told me the other week that I was 48 and I went around for the whole week believing I was 48. I’m really digging the formats this year. I need to find some more that I want to try!

  5. What an aching hole Xander and Roxy must have left in your family. Last year we both shared heartbreaking posts about old dogs, and this year we both have had to find a way to say goodbye. Some days it’s hard to remember that all of that heartache dims in comparison to the love they shared over their many (but still too few) years.

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