11 Things About Chipotle: Slice of Life #sol19 7/31

I was working on some other ideas for slices this morning, but nothing was coming together. I was bored by my own writing. Everything seemed ho-hum and blah. So I decided to try a format I’ve already used but change the topic. I promise that someday I will write again about something that is not a cat.

  1. His meow sounds like breaking glass. Luckily, he only uses it every so often to ask for porch time or to tell me that he needs love STAT.
  2. His has two frenemies: my son and our ginger #fosterfail, Oliver.
  3. He has a theme song. Here are the words, sung to the tune of Destiny’s Child’s “I’m a Survivor”: You’re a Chipotle, always Chipotle, perfect Chipotle, gorgeous Chipotle. I can go on in that vein for quite some time.
  4. He was a very sickly kitten, runny and drippy and wheezy and crusty and rattly. He’s still a bit drippy and wheezy.
  5. He’s uneven. The vet had a long story about fertilized eggs cleaving that I couldn’t really follow. I am sure there is a scientific explanation, but all I know is that one side is a little smaller than the other and he has a lot of whiskers in the wrong place.
  6. His face is the subject of much debate at our house. I think he’s absolutely exquisite. He looks like a little pirate. (He is frequently greeted with “Ahoy matey!” when he comes into the room.) Or a little frog. (He gets a lot of loud “Ribbit!”s too.) Or maybe a Pokemon character. My son says he’s grotesquely deformed and hideous. Anytime we see an image of an ugly creature, he yells, “It’s Chipotle!”
  7. He’s the least photogenic cat I’ve ever had. I often say you can’t take a bad photo of a cat. But then there’s Chipotle. His eyes water, and he squints a lot, and he has an unfortunate tendency to yawn every time I take his photo. I have hundreds of photos of him, and there are literally five good ones. In fact, the photographic evidence on my phone would suggest that he’s really quite homely. By contrast, I couldn’t find a single photo of his brother, Panda, that wasn’t cat calendar ready.
  8. He got separated from his mother when I was trapping his feral family and spent three days on his own outside before I could catch him. Every morning and every night he cried piteously for his mama. On the third morning, I lay in the dirt by the abandoned camper where he’d been born and talked to him gently. For two hours, I talked and he cried. Finally, he crept out, crawled over to me, and let me pick him up and carry him inside. I couldn’t get my hands on him for another two months.
  9. He is a one-person cat, and I am that person. We have daily smoochie time where he gets in my lap and I coo and whisper sweet nothings and he purrs and beams and presses his cheek to mine. He will tolerate my husband but his body language makes it clear that he’d really rather not be touched by him.
  10. He is scared of only one thing: my son’s pterodactyl cry. This is strictly forbidden in our house, but occasionally it comes out anyway. Chipotle ducks and looks frantically at the ceiling and runs for cover. Those feral instincts are never too far away.
  11. His name makes me smile every time I say it. My son gave it to him, and also named Toast and Panda. It turns out that food words make for really fun cat names.






12 responses to “11 Things About Chipotle: Slice of Life #sol19 7/31”

  1. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    Those are the BEST photos!! I love the one of him stretched out next to the other cat (which one?). Amazing! He has a wonderful story: I well remember the days of your attempting to catch him. He is just the luckiest kitty–both to be alive at all and to have you as his human.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      That’s Panda he’s being twinsies with. Definitely one of my favorite photos of them. So cute!

  2. arjeha Avatar

    Chipotle is indeed a special cat. I love this insight into his purrsonality. Maybe it is just the pictures you posted, but I think he is quite photogenic. I can see why you are his person. After all, you are the one that made him feel safe and spoke comforting words to him. For us, our predominate person cat is Molly. I know that she is mine.

  3. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Please don’t stop writing about cats. I love your cat stories, and particularly your writing about Chipotle who I “met” about this time last year in this very spot. I love the pictures, and my heart broke a little at your story about him getting separated from his mother when you trapped the feral cat family. Poor Chipotle – and bless your amazing patience and tenacity.

  4. carwilc Avatar

    I’m a dog gal, truthfully I don’t even really like cats. When I read your posts about cats, though, I fall in love and think maybe I need a kitty at my house. I don’t think Chipotle is homely at all! I think he is beautiful!

  5. Trina Haase Avatar
    Trina Haase

    I love your cat posts too! Chipolte has such personality!

  6. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    I love how your son named the cats after food. I clicked on this post thinking about burritos, only to be greeted by equally scrumptious pics of your cutie cats.

  7. Jennifer Floyd, Ed.D. Avatar

    I love the posts about your cats! Chipotle seriously needs to be the main character in a picture book!

  8. karpenglish Avatar

    I think Chipotle is very handsome and distinguished looking, albeit with off-kilter eyes. But my son’s eyes are a bit off-kilter too, and I love him, so no judgement here. PS I am totally going to make up theme songs for my cats!!!!!

  9. readingteachsu Avatar

    We celebrate Chipotle. You are a very handsome kitty and darling companion animal

  10. […] Today, I have feline slicing company: Chipotle, cat of my heart. […]

  11. Ramona Avatar

    I don’t know how I missed this post! I simply adore reading about your cats. Chipotle, the wild cat (ferocious, with teeth bared) and Chipotle, the regal cat (last pic) – I love all of your personalities!

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