Yesterday/Today Slice of Life #sol19 13/31

Make.Share.Give’s slice reminded me that I wanted to try the yesterday/today format too.

Yesterday, I started my day with a sixty-mile drive to work.

Today, I started my day with yoga.

Yesterday, I wrote my slice sitting in the coffee shop listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival playing much too loudly until I asked the barista to turn it down.

Today, I’m writing my slice sitting on the chaise in my office listening to the wind howl outside as the blizzard begins.

Yesterday, I had feline slicing company: Toddy, the coffee shop cat.

Today, I have feline slicing company: Chipotle, cat of my heart.

Yesterday, I prepared lessons to teach fifty-nine college students about creativity and book clubs.

Today, I prepare lessons to teach my son about Geometry and Biology.

Yesterday, I took a walk in fifty-five-degree sunshine under blue skies.

Today, I hide inside from the wind and freezing rain and predicted foot of snow.

Yesterday, I found time to comment on only seven slices.

Today, I have time to comment on as many slices as I can read.

19 responses to “Yesterday/Today Slice of Life #sol19 13/31”

  1. What a difference a day makes. Although both days are quite different you find time to write in both. That makes both days a success.

  2. Elisabeth, I like this structure and may borrow it. The piece that struck me was the comparison on weather. I am a nature lover so the temperature and weather conditions always intrigue me. Your contrast was dramatic but that is the nature of winter this year.

  3. I love this format and how you used it to help us “see” you. Such a difference in a day, and we rarely stop to notice. I wish I had more time to comment.

  4. I really enjoyed this slice – both the format and what slices you chose to include from your day. And I completely understand the CCR playing – I would have been singing too much to concentrate on writing – and the weather changes. We say only in Missouri can you experience all four seasons in one day! Sounds like that my be true in your backyard as well.

  5. I think nothing can bring out the drama in a yesterday/today juxtaposition better than the stark contrast of late winter/early spring weather. Are you normally off on Wednesdays, or was this storm related?

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