Yesterday/Today Slice of Life #sol19 13/31

Make.Share.Give’s slice reminded me that I wanted to try the yesterday/today format too.

Yesterday, I started my day with a sixty-mile drive to work.

Today, I started my day with yoga.

Yesterday, I wrote my slice sitting in the coffee shop listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival playing much too loudly until I asked the barista to turn it down.

Today, I’m writing my slice sitting on the chaise in my office listening to the wind howl outside as the blizzard begins.

Yesterday, I had feline slicing company: Toddy, the coffee shop cat.

Today, I have feline slicing company: Chipotle, cat of my heart.

Yesterday, I prepared lessons to teach fifty-nine college students about creativity and book clubs.

Today, I prepare lessons to teach my son about Geometry and Biology.

Yesterday, I took a walk in fifty-five-degree sunshine under blue skies.

Today, I hide inside from the wind and freezing rain and predicted foot of snow.

Yesterday, I found time to comment on only seven slices.

Today, I have time to comment on as many slices as I can read.





19 responses to “Yesterday/Today Slice of Life #sol19 13/31”

  1. TammyB Avatar

    I really like this format!

  2. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Great format indeed! Also, a foot of snow!? That’s crazy.

  3. Kelly Connolly Avatar
    Kelly Connolly

    Love this form! Nice job!

  4. aggiekesler Avatar

    Love the juxtaposition in your slice! 🙂

  5. arjeha Avatar

    What a difference a day makes. Although both days are quite different you find time to write in both. That makes both days a success.

  6. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    Isn’t it fun to make the comparisons between today and yesterday, when it is so different?! Great idea!

  7. EugeniaKouts Avatar

    I love the format but I hate the change in weather! Stay inside and stay warm!

  8. cvarsalona Avatar

    Elisabeth, I like this structure and may borrow it. The piece that struck me was the comparison on weather. I am a nature lover so the temperature and weather conditions always intrigue me. Your contrast was dramatic but that is the nature of winter this year.

  9. margaretsmn Avatar

    I love this format and how you used it to help us “see” you. Such a difference in a day, and we rarely stop to notice. I wish I had more time to comment.

  10. Akilah Avatar

    I would like to hear more about the creativity and book clubs, please.

  11. readingteachsu Avatar

    Both of your days sound wonderful.

  12. mrsbrunowrites Avatar

    What a fun format! Adding it to my list!

  13. BeReal81 Avatar

    I really enjoyed this slice – both the format and what slices you chose to include from your day. And I completely understand the CCR playing – I would have been singing too much to concentrate on writing – and the weather changes. We say only in Missouri can you experience all four seasons in one day! Sounds like that my be true in your backyard as well.

  14. Jennifer Floyd, Ed.D. Avatar

    I love this format! I definitely want to try this out with my student writers!

  15. J Koval Avatar
    J Koval

    This is a very interesting way to tell a story….I love it! Thanks for sharing! ~JudyK 🙂

  16. karpenglish Avatar

    I think nothing can bring out the drama in a yesterday/today juxtaposition better than the stark contrast of late winter/early spring weather. Are you normally off on Wednesdays, or was this storm related?

  17. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    Ouch! Fifty-five to freezing rain! I like this format too. Tomorrow may be a good time use it!

  18. […] post was inspired by fellow slicers Leigh Anne Eck and Elisabeth Ellington.  I’m at the Virginia State Reading Association’s annual conference and thought that […]

  19. Veronica Avatar

    Great format, I hope to try it out, thank you!

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