Going to a #HappyParty: Slice of Life #sol19 16/31

Today, I’m accepting an invitation to a #HappyParty from Christie Wyman, who blogs at Wondering and Wandering.

Here are things that are making me happy this week:

  • My favorite table empty and waiting for me at the coffee shop
  • Daily yoga, especially when I’m in Downward Dog and a cat comes over and stretches into Downward Dog right beneath me
  • A trip to the library
  • Good morning texts from my mom, especially when she includes photos of her cats
  • Dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel
  • Very thorough DOT snow plow drivers
  • Waking up early before anyone else in the house is awake
  • A new Slice of Life commenting challenge–75 this time!
  • My iPhone loaded with new episodes of my favorite podcasts (What Should I Read Next, Down to Dunk, Reading Glasses)
  • Peppy Irish jigs with flutes and violins playing everywhere I go this week
  • Three unexpected snow days
  • Snuggles with my favorite cat

21 responses to “Going to a #HappyParty: Slice of Life #sol19 16/31”

  1. I’ve seen several people come to Christie’s #HappyParty this month and I love every one of the slices that are inspired by it. I connected with almost everything you listed (esp dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel!) Sharing our joys is infectious. Thanks for spreading the happiness germs!

  2. It’s so sweet that you and your mother text about cats every morning. Good luck with the comment challenge.

  3. Your list made me smile as well. My Spring Break just started this weekend, so a happy post is in my near future!

  4. Oh, I’ve always known we could be good friends – cats, books, libraries, & lovers of early morning, but the dark chocolate with sea salt & caramel has sealed the deal. Now I’m off to check out Reading Glasses & Down to Dunk. I love discovering new podcasts.

      • Ha! Probably none of my readers would be interested in Down to Dunk, which is a basketball podcast about my son’s favorite team, the OKC Thunder (my favorite too!). I think a podcast about cookies and books sounds perfect! But I think you WOULD like Reading Glasses. Good stuff! (Though a fair bit of “language” if that bothers you.)

  5. What a great photo of Chipolte! He has the most unusual and fascinating whiskers! They are mesmerizing, aren’t they? I’m so glad that you/we can enjoy these morning texts and cat photo exchanges! It’s a happy way for me to start the day.

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