Things I Want More Of: Slice of Life #sol19 23/31

Today’s post is inspired by Tammy’s question and post at Tammy’s Reading/Writing Life (a blog that has given me much writing inspiration this month!): What do you want more of?

I want more rain. Not right now, when fields are flooded with snowmelt. But sometime. Maybe in July and October, a long string of rainy days, Pacific Northwest kind of weather on the Great Plains.

I want more weather that is not hot, not cold, just right for afternoon hikes among the bison, prairie dogs, grasses, and Ponderosa pines in Wind Cave National Park.

I want more lap so that each cat who covets the top spot can claim it comfortably.

I want more order and tidiness. You’d never know if from looking at my house, but I find clutter deeply demoralizing. You’d also never know from looking at my house that I try so hard not to be a clutterer.

I want more travel, spontaneous weekends away and long planned trips, visits to beloved places like Kanab and Yachats and Belgium and to places I’ve never been like Santa Fe and Austin and Iceland.

I want more time at home alone, just me and my cats and a stack of books.

I want more long blocks of reading time and more stamina to read for longer periods of time without getting distracted. Really, I want more of my brain the way it used to be before smart phones and social media.

I want more inspiration to cook elaborate vegan and vegetarian meals for my family. Is it just my imagination or is meat really quicker and easier?

I want more connections with other writers throughout the year–not just March.

I want to live in keeping with one of my favorite teaching mantras: we make time for what we value (from Randy Bomer’s wonderful book, Time for Meaning).

What do you want more of in your daily life?





11 responses to “Things I Want More Of: Slice of Life #sol19 23/31”

  1. Wondering and Wandering Avatar

    I want more balance in life. Time for all I value and no excuses. I wish you all your wants, Elisabeth, especially the travel wants. I have an insatiable love of travel! — Christie

  2. Terje Avatar

    I like how one of your wants is about a bigger lap so you could hold your cats. I want more time at home, more time to read. I want my home to stay clean and tidy after the clean up.

  3. mrssurridge Avatar

    I want more long, slow mornings. Where I can take time to wake up slowly to the day and actually drink an entire cup of hot coffee…Just like this morning. I really like this idea for a slice.

  4. arjeha Avatar

    I would like more time spent with friends. In this somewhat hectic retired life it seems we are all busier than we were before so that time for get together is sometimes to find.

  5. Amanda Potts Avatar

    So many of these resonated with me – I really feel you about the clutter, and I have a deep longing to travel again (kids really changed things for me). Also, I want a whole weekend to just read. My favourite for you was the one about the cats. Also, I really like this format.

  6. shellymkeller Avatar

    Enjoyed this format that was inspired by a fellow slicer! I need more lap too for my pugs! I always want to travel more! Love seeing new places! Loved your last quote: “we make time for what we value”.

  7. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    I love it when inspiration comes from other slicers. I have to wonder if more hours in the day would solve many these same wants? More reading, writing, sleeping! I love the line about the brain before social media! 🙂

  8. readingteachsu Avatar

    This is an inspirational post. I love thinking about what you want more of and what I want more of. Wonderful format.

  9. Ramona Avatar

    Fun format. Be careful about wishing for more lap! My dad used to say a variation on Randy Bomer’s quote, although I never liked having it quoted to me – “You find time for what you want to do.” Which may be why I’m commenting on posts instead of heading to the grocery store and getting dinner started!

  10. Trina Haase Avatar
    Trina Haase

    Fun format. I want more snuggles from my daughter. Always.

  11. Akilah Avatar

    “I want more order and tidiness. You’d never know if from looking at my house, but I find clutter deeply demoralizing. You’d also never know from looking at my house that I try so hard not to be a clutterer” — I feel this so deeply in my soul. So, so deeply.

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