Slicing Blues: Slice of Life #sol19 24/31

Maybe I’m just tired. I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Maybe I need an adventure, something new and different to slice about.

Maybe I need my writer’s notebook, an old entry I could revisit, polish, post.

Maybe I need more coffee.

Maybe I read too many slices and feel too full of other people’s words to find my own.

Maybe the well is finally dry.

Maybe this is writer’s block.

Maybe I will never write again.

Maybe I’m trying too hard.

Maybe I’m not trying hard enough?

Maybe I should look at my list of topics and see if something inspires me.

Maybe I should look at it a second time.

Maybe the third time’s the charm.

Maybe if I just start writing.

Maybe one word after another.

Maybe I’ll find a slice.

15 responses to “Slicing Blues: Slice of Life #sol19 24/31”

  1. This list wouldn’t be the same without the use of “maybe”. Clever way to work around writer’s block!

  2. Maybe… glad you got it done. I’ve got a house full of kids and a husband away for the weekend, so I’m trolling for ideas and hoping I can write fast. This might be my idea…

  3. Thanks for sharing. I had a similar feeling earlier in the week. I wonder how many other slicers have also started to hit the wall.
    Nice job pushing through and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Perfect mentor text for a free write when faced with writer’s block. In the words of Amanda Potts, I was “trolling for ideas” and reached back for a family story about a gypsy. I wonder what I will write for tomorrow… I’ve started counting the days left.

  5. I see what you did there. We feel you. Is it too many choices or not enough? The main thing is that you kept writing or wrote anyway and something came out, and not just ‘something’ but a ‘something’ we can relate to and perhaps want to emulate. Thank you for your creative honesty.

  6. I’m feeling this way too. Like you, I’m reluctant to write about my sons, because they are adults, kind of, and I think I shouldn’t write about them without their permission, which they would never give. And this week, I’m on spring break, so I don’t have new school stories to write. Yikes!

  7. Maybe…you just needed to start writing and let this post take you (and inspire others, like me)! So glad that you showed up today!

  8. Many of us have been here at some point during this month. Writing about not being able to write is a slice unto itself and gives so many of us hope when we reach that point as well. I have been there so I know what trying to find something to slice about is like.

  9. I love all your “maybes!” It’s perfect the way you turned nothing into something. 🙂 ~JudyK

  10. I had the slicing blues just a few days ago. You have captured it so well here in your “maybe” poem. The process you go through to find a new slice is so real. Thanks for this.

  11. I love the list. You managed to get a nice flowing rhythm out of your writer’s block and the repetition held everything together well. This sounds like my brain at 3:30am when I am awake and cannot go back to sleep, only then it is random maybes that haunt me. We all know the “nothing to say, nothing to write, this is going nowhere” kind of day!

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