A Writerly Life: A Found Poem Slice of Life #sol19 26/31

Today’s slice is a found poem from Clare’s Not for the Writing, For Your Life, a slice I really enjoyed earlier in the month. For this found poem, I only used words in the order they appear in the original text. I had a very different poem in mind when I started working with Clare’s text, but I ended up liking the simplicity of the verbs, the writerly life as a sequence of actions.

look everywhere
live a fuller life
give yourself to writing
create a mess

8 responses to “A Writerly Life: A Found Poem Slice of Life #sol19 26/31”

  1. I especially like the line “create a mess” because we can only revise if we first write a mess.

  2. You’ve done so many clever and interesting slices this month. This is definitely one of them. And definitely captures the writing life.

  3. Clare’s original slice was great & I really like how you captured it here. I appreciate the repetition and the rhythm with the one word lines interrupted by the slightly longer ones. This really worked out!

  4. Ohhh, I love this! Now I’m off to read Claire’s original slice. Thanks for creating this. I added it to my padlet, Words that Delight.

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