How I Write: Slice of Life #sol19 31/31

Slowly . . . long pauses between each word

Curiously . . . I wonder, why, how come, what if

Tentatively . . . not sure if an idea will work out

Badly . . . knowing it can be revised

Eagerly . . . words spill faster than I can capture them

Determinedly . . . one word after another

Continually . . . description and narration unfold in my head

Companionably . . . lap full of purring cat

Crankily . . . why can’t this piece work already

Mindfully . . . trying to be present to this moment

Gratefully . . . still amazed to have readers

Urgently . . . up against a deadline

Emptily . . . by the third week of a daily challenge, at least for a day or two

Impulsively . . . click Reply, then Send, then regret

Joyfully . . . when a piece surprises me

Sadly . . . reaching the end of March





15 responses to “How I Write: Slice of Life #sol19 31/31”

  1. Wondering and Wandering Avatar

    Your piece reminds me that writing. is. such. a. process!

  2. rosecappelli Avatar

    Skillfully…you captured so many emotions. Great slice.

  3. Alice Nine Avatar
    Alice Nine

    Such a great list of adverbs …all answering the question How? …all ending with -ly …all made from adjectives. Wondering if I could connect this as a mentor text for a grammar lesson… (Sorry, some say I’m a grammar nerd.) I wrote about my March slices, also, but I’m not sure it can be called reflective or edifying. Thank you for your slices and your comments throughout March.

  4. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Generously. I come to your blog for ideas and companionship. Thank you for being part of my writing journey; thank you for sharing yours.

  5. Brian Rozinsky Avatar

    I’m reminded of writing advice I’ve heard from a variety of sources to prune adverbs as part of revision. That advice has no place in your poem, with its clever, punchy structure.

  6. Jen Driggers Avatar

    Another post that inspires me! Thank you for sharing. I find myself agreeing with so many of these thoughts. Especially “gratefully”. So grateful for readers and the Slice of Life community!

  7. arjeha Avatar

    Happily I looked forward to you daily posts learning so much and seeing many heart warming cat pictures. Thank you for all of your comments on my posts. I appreciate your encouragement.

  8. Terje Avatar

    This is awesome! Such a rich variety of ways to write. I imagine the background purr that accompanies all your writing

  9. Amanda Regan Avatar

    Yes to all of it! (“Crankily” might be my favorite, though!) I always enjoy your posts, Elisabeth. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration, and thank you for the kind comments throughout the month. 🙂

  10. Trina Haase Avatar
    Trina Haase

    More than poemish! A poem!

    Inspiringly… Hope to keep seeing you on Tuesday!

  11. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    Ditto on Inspiringly… I always love how you play with structure and form. This slice is perfection, down to the “long pauses between each word” and the “lap full of purring cat.”

  12. BeReal81 Avatar

    What a fantastic end! I think I have felt most all of those in this process. I really enjoyed being on this adventure with you!

  13. Betsy Hubbard Avatar

    This is all of it! Such a perfect list of words to capture all the feels of March.

  14. Ramona Avatar

    I have to disagree with the last one, I’m always happily writing the day 31 slice, relieved that March is done. Every year I think I won’t do it again, and then I jump in. Also envious of that lap full of cat, but grateful for the cat slices and pics during the month. It’s a joy to slice along with so many friends and discover new slicers each year.

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