Metaphor Dice Poetry: Playing with Poetry #playingwithpoetryNPM 9/30 #sol19

This month, I’m tagging along with ChristieMargaretJoneMary Lee, and other writers to play with poetry for National Poetry Writing Month. I’ll be creating poems using haikubes, metaphor dice, magnet poetry, paint chips and anything else that catches my fancy. Today, I’m playing with metaphor dice.

your mother is a last-minute thunderstorm
clouds gather low on the horizon
build before they burst
lightning flash follows thunder growl
the skies open, a brief deluge
then the break of blue sky and sun

11 responses to “Metaphor Dice Poetry: Playing with Poetry #playingwithpoetryNPM 9/30 #sol19”

  1. Love how you wove these words into a powerhouse of a poem. All of the fierceness followed by the calm. I think it is safe to say we all experienced this at one time or another.

  2. This aptly describes my own experiences both w/ my mom and as a mother. I bet many can relate. Love the way your poem builds and abates the storm.

  3. Absolutely fascinating how these 36 (35 if last-minute counts as 1) words create a vivid set of pictures in my mind of mothers and children at all stages of life. Also illustrates how a playful approach can open us up to remarkable complexity in such a compact format. Wow! Thanks for this!

  4. How fun!
    I am curious about your process – is that what just came to mind? Did you list things that the die made you think of first? Did you do multiple drafts?

  5. How aptly this device and resulting poem captured by exact feelings as I worked through some tension last night related to becoming a first-time grandma, and feeling a bit left out as the mother-in-law to be. I, too, would like to know more about this…it’s so challenging in such a fun way!

  6. I love the description of the thunderstorm. I’m also glad the clouds broke for some blue sky. Oh, Momma, calm down.

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