Haikubes: Playing with Poetry #playingwithpoetryNPM 22/30

This month, I’m tagging along with ChristieMargaretJoneMary Lee, and other writers to play with poetry for National Poetry Writing Month. I’ll be creating poems using haikubes, metaphor dice, magnet poetry, paint chips and anything else that catches my fancy.

I’ve tried to play with the haikubes a few times, and nothing has come of it aside from cats absconding with cubes and racing off with their treasure. The haikubes are a great concept, but I think the execution leaves something to be desired. There are a lot of blanks, for one, which doesn’t make sense to me. And so many of the words are uninspiring. How am I supposed to work hmmm or jerk into a haiku? But one of my online friends, Scott, bought a set and he managed to write a really good haiku, so I thought I’d try again.

Usually I freelance, but today I decided to follow the instructions and take what the roll gave me. A Desire for My Work Life was my topic. I heaved a sigh because I already felt uninspired by that topic, and then I started sorting haikubes. Once again, I had plenty of cat help. I was trying very hard not to “cheat” and search for better words. I set the bar very low and eventually found a combination of words I didn’t exactly like but also didn’t totally hate.

This is Smudge. I call these his bandana eyes. As in, “Is she going to put that bandana on me again?” I tried to see what he would look like wearing a bandana yesterday, and what he looked like was a cat tearing all over the house in terror trying to get the bandana off. He has been giving me suspicious bandana eye ever since.



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2 responses to “Haikubes: Playing with Poetry #playingwithpoetryNPM 22/30”

  1. margaretsmn Avatar

    I, too, have been disappointed in the haikubes. I set them out for my first grader on the carpet and when after three times of redirecting, I walked over there to find the potential for poetry uninviting. No wonder she, like your cats, was having more fun rolling them around. They went back on the shelf. You have made a good effort here. But I give you permission, like you asked for it, to shelf them.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Well, they have been a huge success with the cats! Chipotle was over the moon when I spilled them out on the couch this morning and tried to make a poem. Your description here is exactly right: the potential for poetry has so far been uninviting. I appreciate your permission very much and think that I will focus my poetry play on the tools and toys that have been working for me.

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