9 Ways to Read the Morning News: Slice of Life 28/31 #sol20

observe. rage. grieve. despair.

observe. disbelieve. renounce. despond.

observe. shock. refuse. withdraw.

observe. minimize. trivialize. ignore.

observe. justify. believe. embrace.

observe. interrupt. repudiate. ostracize.

observe. silence. repress. sicken.

observe. examine. understand. transform.

observe. believe. organize. act.

I came to write my Slice this morning after reading some news on Twitter. I had an idea to write about how the first week of remote learning went, but I was struggling to see how that possibly mattered in light of everything horrible in the world. And there were the words from Yung Pueblo posted for inspiration at Two Writing Teachers. They felt somewhere between an affront and a challenge. How can we observe and accept right now? How is it possible to release the rage and grief I feel all day every day? Isn’t there an action step missing before transformation? I began to think about the different possible responses to reading the news this morning. I would hope that most people would be appalled and sickened, but given 45’s current decent approval ratings, clearly there are other paths for engagement with current events. I am mostly still stuck in the first line of this piece but wishing I could find organization and action.






9 responses to “9 Ways to Read the Morning News: Slice of Life 28/31 #sol20”

  1. jumpofffindwings Avatar

    I “liked” this only because there is not an option that offers an empathetic head nod, or a befuddled emoji— not by what you’ve written but by your disbelief at some people’s response to what is transpiring right now. Know you are far from alone. I thank you for this meditation this morning. I’ve given up the news, except for PBS NewsHour ad am turning to poetry!

  2. Amanda Potts Avatar

    This. is. perfect. Oh my gosh. I hardly have anything else to say. Well, except that I felt YES to all of it and I highlighted this one: “How is it possible to release the rage and grief I feel all day every day?” Just. Yes. And I hereby release you from the news for the rest of the day if you would like. May it be sunny where you are & may you get out for a walk. ❤

  3. cmargocs Avatar

    It is so easy to get wrapped up in the negative, when a majority of the news is nothing but. (And don’t get me started on 45’s so-called “updates”…). I’ve learned to keep the TV off during the day unless it’s on PBS, and watch newscasts that focus on the positive things folks are doing during this event. I hope you find some moments of self-care today, too.

  4. arjeha Avatar

    These days our emotions are all over the place changing as we hear new things. I think so many of us are just emotionally drained by what we see and hear. We just don’t know how to react.

  5. edifiedlistener Avatar

    Rewarded. I feel rewarded for making it here today. Observe, observe, observe. Taking this always as the beginning offers a particular strength, a leg to stand on, so to speak. Beginning with observation we have to direct our attention, focus it. Then we make choices, feel feelings, as you illustrate. Jenny Odell talks about how we allocate our attention in How To Do Nothing and your poem is an ideal companion to her thoughts about the discipline of focusing our attention. Thank you, Elisabeth.

  6. evarkaplan Avatar

    This is such an appropriate poem for our normal lives but especially for today… observe! I feel like I am observing so much around me these days because it’s so obscure and crazy! The masks, the distance between people, the reactions, the selfishness, the kindness…. more than ever I feel like I’m an observer of life. This is a poem I plan to hold on to. Thank you for your usual… great share!

  7. Susan Kennedy Avatar

    ( read your blog). Observe. Admire. Reread. Rejoice.

  8. Trina Avatar

    I love what the previous poster (Susan Kennedy) wrote. I don’t think that I could have said it better. It is a fantastic, thought-provoking poem.

  9. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    We can just feel the clenched hands of frustration (or that’s what I do when feeling utterly helpless) as you write your poem. I think it’s the complete unknowingness of it all that is getting to most people. Has anything ever affected the whole world so totally?

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