Looking for a New Creativity Challenge in April? #sol20

April is National Poetry Month, and it’s also National Poetry Writing Month. Check out NaPoWriMo for a daily prompt, resources, and encouragement.

Robert Brewer shares a daily prompt and participants “poem with poets from around the world” at Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge.

EthicalELA hosts a 30-day poetry challenge. A prompt will be posted each morning and participants share their poems in the comments.

Every April, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater invites writers to participate in an interesting project. This year, she is playing Roll the Dice: she will be rolling word dice and writing a poem inspired by the words that land face up. She will also continue to post a video with a writing lesson and prompt every weekday.

Laura Shovan’s 30-day Water Poem Project started on March 22, but you can join for April.

Savannah Brown hosts letsescapril, another daily poetry challenge, on Instagram. The month of daily prompts is already posted. Prose and flash fiction are also welcome.

Christie Wyman will be Thoreauly Inspired in April, writing a poem each day inspired by a word or line from Thoreau’s journals.

April is CampNaNoWriMo where writers commit to a monthlong writing project of any length and genre.

#The100DayProject doesn’t have to be a writing project but it could be. You choose an art project and commit to working on it each day for 100 days. Artists share their progress and projects on social media using the #the100dayproject hashtag. It begins on April 7.

Kick in the Creatives hosts several creative challenges in April. The Month Long Prompt Challenge invites creatives to work on one big project for the month inspired by a one-word prompt. April 2020’s word is ECCENTRIC. The April Lyric challenge invites poets and songwriters to write lyrics. The Quick Kick is a daily challenge that takes under 15 minutes to complete. This year’s challenge is one continuous line drawing each day. The Abstract Art challenge invites painters to paint one abstract painting each day.

TinkerLab has wonderful art challenges, and you could probably pick any month of challenges (there are several years available for each month). But I think this is the current challenge for April 2020.

The Petite Planner has a daily doodle challenge for this month with a free printable calendar to use for each tiny doodle.






5 responses to “Looking for a New Creativity Challenge in April? #sol20”

  1. Wondering and Wandering Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out! So many great projects going this month. I can’t wait to share this with others. Be well!

  2. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    Thank you so much for curating this list of resources. Are you writing this month? I am trying to get back to writing more poetry this month. I have decided to create a month of found poems, so be surprised if I come to some of your slices and “find” some words.

  3. loudenclearblog Avatar

    This is an awesome list!!! Thank you!

  4. […] For National Poetry Month, I will be writing poems inspired by entries in Virginia Woolf’s Diary Volume Three: 1925-1930. For more ideas for designing an April writing or creativity challenge for yourself, see my post, Looking for an April Creativity Challenge?. […]

  5. jarhartz Avatar

    Love all of these ideas. I think I’m going to try daily poetry of some kind.

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