The Sunday Six: Six Must-Read Articles from the Past Week #sundaysix #linksilove

I consume ridiculous amounts of the Internet, and The Sunday Six will curate six articles I think are worth sharing from my reading over the past week.

Joe Truss at Culturally Responsive Leadership has a fantastic four-part series sharing personal and professional experience, observations, and “provocations” about crisis distance learning and “pandemic pedagogy.” Lots of links here, plus humor, real talk, and yes, plenty of push for educators to do better. If you’d like to learn more about equity, antiracist teaching, and culturally responsive education, just start reading through his archives. So much great stuff here!

Alex Shevrin Venet, who is one of my favorite educators and writers to learn from, has a thoughtful post at SLJ on how we can communicate care and support students’ “social and emotional well-being” when teaching remotely.

Jameelah Nasheed, writing for Teen Vogue, argues in this op-ed how the pandemic is revealing the systemic structural racism and inequality that has led to such huge rates of COVID-19 among People of the Global Majority.

While noting that equity concerns in education should be “front and center” at all times–not just during a pandemic, Marceline DuBose and Paul Gorski provide thinking points and strategies to address equity issues related to emergency remote teaching and learning.

Taharee Jackson reminds teachers in this powerful essay that we need to be aware of classism, shame, and bias when we require students to appear on video calls in their homes.

Apartment Therapy recommends 7 Fun Things to Do at Home Tonight (Besides Watch TV). (We’ll just be watching TV. But please play games or build a pillow fort so that I can live vicariously.)






2 responses to “The Sunday Six: Six Must-Read Articles from the Past Week #sundaysix #linksilove”

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  2. Akilah Avatar

    Hahaha, we will also be watching TV. Or on the internet, but I like the suggestions in the article, only two of which I hadn’t considered.

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