The Sunday Six: Six Must-Read Articles from the Past Week #sundaysix #linksilove

I consume ridiculous amounts of the Internet, and The Sunday Six will curate six articles I think are worth sharing from my reading over the past week.

Christina Torres tackles the ways that the pandemic and remote learning have further exposed and highlighted inequity in education and suggests ways that we can respond now and in the future to close those resources gaps.

I’ve written several times over the path month about my struggles with reading books right now. Donalyn Miller is struggling too–and has great suggestions for how to re-engage with reading. (Graphic novels, poetry and rereading old favorites have definitely helped me this month.)

This is an older piece that really got me thinking this week: Ira Socol challenges us to try zero-based thinking and imagine what learning could look like if we weren’t limited in our imaginations by what it typically looks like in school.

Young adult author (and surgeon!) I.W. Gregorio writes about why it’s more vital than ever that we talk and write about mental health and offers a few timely tips to manage depression and anxiety. (Also, I really want to read her new YA novel.)

Sean Michael Morris argues that we need a pedagogy of transformation that will move us away from the tyranny that typically structures digital learning to a critical pedagogy of co-constructed teaching and learning.

Dr. Taharee Jackson shares insights from her research on antiracist white teachers in this interview with Paul Gorski about Racial Equity in Schools: The Roles and Responsibilities of White Educators.






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