View from the Window #WritingwithWoolf #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo2020

For National Poetry Month, I am writing poems inspired by words, ideas, and images in Virginia Woolf’s Diary.

I’m fascinated by the way Woolf uses her diary to create her novels. The Waves has a particularly long gestation period, and there are many short passages developing a central image. Today, I’m borrowing a line from this description of what she wanted to figure out how to do in this novel:

Of course I can make her think backwards & forwards; I can tell stories. But thats not it. Also I shall do away with exact place & time. Anything may be out of the window–a ship–a desert–London.

Day #23: View from the Window

Anything may be out of the window–
a ship, the desert, London
the surface of another planet
a cloud illuminated by the sun
a striped hat, a barking dog
writing itself

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