The Sunday Six: Must-Read Articles from the Past Week #sundaysix #linksilove

I consume ridiculous amounts of the Internet, and The Sunday Six will curate six articles I think are worth sharing from my reading over the past week.

Nasla Bedir published an excellent and informative guide for teachers seeking to support their students during Ramadan (Teaching While Muslim).

Shaka Senghor spent four years in solitary confinement and reflects on how the lessons of that experience speak to isolation during a pandemic. (Medium)

Connie Wang proposes that we embrace boredom rather than productivity as our pandemic philosophy. (Refinery 29)

Rachel Miller has some fantastically creative ideas for keeping a journal during a pandemic–including saving your lists and your grocery receipts. (Just Good Shit)

Hugh Vasquez writing for The National Equity Project encourages us to rethink what school should look like when we eventually return in What If We…. Don’t Return to School As Usual. (Medium)

Will Richardson is skeptical that true transformation will occur in schools, but naturally he has some ideas for where we might start. (Will Richardson)





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  1. […] We’re down to the last four days of National Poetry Month, and I am counting them down. I have loved my project more than I expected to, but my brain is tired! I wrote some about my process and the differences between writing prose and poetry here, and I shared a few important articles from my online reading here. […]

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