The Sunday Six: Must-Read Articles from the Past Week #sundaysix #linksilove

I consume ridiculous amounts of the Internet, and The Sunday Six will curate six articles I think are worth sharing from my reading over the past week. 

Sitting on the couch is also my favorite new hobby! I do appreciate how thoughtful Josh Gondelman is about the need to rethink busy-ness and productivity right now and how doing nothing may be the best something we can do. (The Cut)

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca argues that we need to transform the way we teach Civics to confront the white supremacy at the core of our founding documents and to empower students to understand that civics means taking action to transform our nation. (Rethinking Schools)

Dr Kim Parker’s contribution to #31DaysIBPOC introduced me to Nannie Helen Burroughs, a Black educator and activist, whose motto for her school was “We specialize in the wholly impossible.” A wonderful reflection on looking to the foundations of Dr. Parker’s cultural history to find what she needs to educate her child in this moment.

CityLab invited readers to draw maps of their lives during the coronavirus crisis. I do love a hand-drawn map, and these are so engaging and creative.

Olivia Mulcahy challenges us to focus on a curriculum of taking care during this pandemic and lays out a foundation for a new normal of equitable, person-centered education going forward.

Malaka Gharib explores what our brains are doing when we create art.





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