The Sunday Six 7/5/20 #linksilove

Thought-provoking piece from Eve Ewing about why she now capitalize the “w” in white (note: Black should always be capitalized). Ewing explained on Twitter that her goal in the piece isn’t to make anyone change their mind but rather to ask people to choose intentionally and meaningfully. (Zora)

It’s really demoralizing to see that so many schools are not backing down on their plans to re-open, even as Covid cases are spiraling out of control. Two good pieces to read are music professor Mitchell Robinson’s Let’s Talk About Re-opening Schools and high school teacher Sarah Gross’s We Need to Focus on Robust Remote Learning Instead of Re-opening. Katie Mack’s letter to her chancellor is the last word, and she invites other faculty to borrow any part of it to craft a letter to their own administrators. (Medium)

Tourmaline’s How to Freedom Dream contains some beautiful passages of writing as well as a definition of freedom dreaming that I felt deeply: “The world that I dream of is filled with ease. ⁣⁣I’m not satisfied with Black trans lives mattering; I want Black trans lives to be easy, to be pleasurable, and to be filled with lush opportunities. I want the abundance we’ve gifted the world—the art, the care, the knowledge, and the beauty—to be offered back to us tenfold.” (Vogue)

Nick Tilsen’s op-ed opposing the president’s visit to the sacred Black Hills for a white supremacist rally on July 3 is full of the history of Lakota resistance (NBC News). If you were surprised to see Indigenous writers referring to the protestors as “treaty defenders” or “land defenders,” check out this helpful piece by Ruth Hopkins that explains the history of the U.S. Government’s violation of our Constitution through its violation of treaties with sovereign Indigenous nations (Teen Vogue).

Educator and mother Afrika Afeni Mills writes a letter about what she wishes her sons’ white teachers knew in order to teach them appropriately and effectively. (And thanks to Mills and a little online research, I now know the stories of William and Ellen Craft, Lewis Hayden, and Denmark Vesey–all names that were unfamiliar to me.) Her letter was published a year ago and still 100% relevant. (Education Post)

Schools new to the work of anti-racism and equity need to read the questions Liz Kleinrock poses at Teaching Tolerance that are designed to help schools understand what being in it for the long haul really means.

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  1. Once again, invaluable content for me. Thanks so much! I’m sharing the TT article and the letter to White (I had never considered the implications of the capital in the way discussed in Medium—tho’ my husband and I were just discussing this yesterday—) with my professional network.

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