10 Things I Miss About South Dakota: Slice of Life #sol21 8/31

  1. Sunrises and sunsets over the vast rolling prairie
  2. Hikes with a free-roaming bison herd in Wind Cave National Park
  3. One stoplight towns
  4. Deer in my backyard
  5. Spring thunderstorms
  6. Kitsch: life-sized dinosaur replicas, the world’s largest prairie dog statue
  7. Big skies
  8. Main streets that look like the set for an old Western
  9. Wildlife: pronghorn, coyote, prairie dogs, bald eagles, golden eagles
  10. The feeling that the land is sacred

This slice was inspired by Ms. Chen’s 10 Things I Miss About New York City.






14 responses to “10 Things I Miss About South Dakota: Slice of Life #sol21 8/31”

  1. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    I love all of these and especially the last line. We were very lucky to experience South Dakota.

  2. djvichos Avatar

    Gosh, I like lists! So much can be packed into 10 short lines. I’ve visited South Dakota a couple of times, and your list brought me back to my travels, “One stoplight towns” and “Big Skies”. Love the contrast.

  3. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    Yes lists certainly do say so much in such few words, they are easy to read yet full of information! I can see why you miss those things!

  4. arjeha Avatar

    So often we don’t realize how much things mean to us until we no longer have them. I have never been to South Dakota, but the vast openness appeals to me even though I live in a rural area.

  5. margaretsmn Avatar

    Great list of things you miss. The wildlife and those big skies attract me. Now you need ten things that you love about Detroit.

  6. Lisa Keeler Avatar

    Wow. What a list. I can see why you miss South Dakota. I always love reading (and writing) list slices- so much information shared in so few lines.

  7. Amanda Potts Avatar

    I’m with Margaret – I feel the things you miss & I wonder what you’ve come to appreciate about Detroit. It’s an awfully big change in the middle of a pandemic!

  8. Kristy L Avatar

    Oh my, I love this. So lovely! I swear your posts inspire me every day! I feel a # things I miss about Michigan post coming VERY soon.

  9. Trina Avatar

    What a great idea for a slice! This makes me want to visit South Dakota. Maybe you will be nudged to write a 10 Things I love about Detroit?

  10. jarhartz Avatar

    So unique. Each thing. Hoping you do Detroit nest. Seeing the contrasts— big sky to big city. What a wonderful perspective it gives. How we live and love places.

  11. Completely Full Bookshelf Avatar
    Completely Full Bookshelf

    All of those things sound like things I would miss if I lived in South Dakota as well! Thank you for the wonderful post!

  12. Ramona Avatar

    This was lovely, especially #s 1, 5, 7, and 10. It’s hard to leave a place with love. All the places I’ve lived are places I’ve loved.

    1. Ramona Avatar

      a place “we” love

  13. natashadomina Avatar

    That last item on the list is so striking. I don’t tend to think about people having different connections to the land in different parts of the country–but of course they do. And I do think there’s something special about the land out west that feels particularly sacred. Now I’m thinking about things I miss about my childhood home!

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