Lockdown Lists: Slice of Life #sol21 14/31

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I borrowed the idea of reflecting on a year of Covid lockdown in the form of lists from Mary at Write Between the Lines.

Top 5 Saving Graces of 2020

  1. My mom. For our daily walks, incessant texting, and excellent shared cat content (she’s got 5 cats including a new Detroit feral rescue!). Also, she knows how to do EVERYTHING.
  2. Twitter. My connection to news, learning, people, humor, poetry, more good cat content.
  3. #Penpalooza. Penpals made a comeback in 2020, and letter writing became my favorite pandemic hobby.
  4. Learning. Especially early in the pandemic, there was so much free learning available. For a few months, I had so many webinars scheduled that I could hardly keep up with my own schedule.
  5. Moving. Although moving is stressful and hard, especially during a pandemic, it was an incredibly effective distraction from fear and anxiety.

Top 5 Reading Experiences

  1. Jane Austen in chronological order
  2. Poetry collections (some favorites: Counting Descent, Lucky Fish, Citizen Illegal, Don’t Call Us Dead, Bright Dead Things, If They Come For Us)
  3. James Baldwin for the first time
  4. Jason Reynolds’s Track series
  5. Mother-daughter book club (even though we rarely manage to finish a book!)

Top 5 Family TV/Movie Experiences

  1. Rewatching the Pixar movies
  2. The Mandolorian
  3. Young Sheldon
  4. Rewatching Merlin
  5. Rewatching Psych

Top 5 Recipes

  1. Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Bean Scones
  2. Perfect Pan Pizza
  3. Slow Cooker Spaghetti and Meatballs
  4. Lemon-Poppyseed Pancakes
  5. Lentil-Potato Soup

Top 5 Stress Relievers

  1. Cats
  2. Morning coffee before anyone else is awake
  3. Early pandemic daily live yoga classes
  4. Walking
  5. Daily challenges–slicing, poetry, zines, yoga, writing

What would be on your top 5 lists?

20 responses to “Lockdown Lists: Slice of Life #sol21 14/31”

  1. So many things to think about … for me connecting with so many kids and educators across the globe because I could. Time in nature – walking, running, hiking, kayaking. Creative thinking around gathering with loved ones. Savoring borrowed time with college age students returning home unexpectedly. Everything Avengers. Thanks for slowing me down to reflect.

  2. I think it must be cathartic to make these lists. To find things that make you happy and relieve your stress. I am envious of your relationship with your mother. Mine lives in a retirement home far away and I haven’t seen her in a long time.

  3. I am so bad at making lists. I would have to make a list of why I don’t make lists. I am glad cats figure highly on your lists and your relationship with your mum sounds great. Your lists are also interesting and insightful.

  4. I’m so pleased you have your mom as a main pandemic-survival partner! And I’m curious about what books you chose to read together—even if you didn’t finish them. Maybe you’ll share a few titles.

  5. I love your post in so many ways. So I’ll just say that. I love this! Also, Reign on Netflix was very good as well. 😉
    I’m with you on #4. I took so many courses during covid and tried to shove as much info in my brain as possible, it was bonkers.

  6. So many good things. I love your lists of recipes And stress relievers. I walked with my daughter when it worked for the both of us. We’d walk after school. What a stress reliever! And I owe you a letter!

  7. This makes 25 things to boost resilience and joy. I made pancakes this morning. I have never thought of adding lemon juice and poppy seeds in there. I’ll put this on my to do list for the second lockdown that just started.

  8. Cats are definitely a #1 stress releaser. This is a great way to take stock of what is important in your life, how things have hanged over the last year, and coping mechanisms to get through what is happening.

  9. This was a fun post to read and a great way to document the year. I’m definitely stealing this idea. I feel like I also learned so much about you. I, too, love enjoying a cup of coffee before everyone wakes up 🙂

  10. This was quite a year, wasn’t it? I’m so glad we had each other, and I give you tons of credit for keeping up my spirits and for taking good care of me in so many ways. Also, I am still a little stunned that you threw us into high gear to make this giant move happen. Your timing was perfect, and I am so grateful. You know how much I enjoy a list, and this post was lots of fun to read and to think about.

  11. These were fun to read. I like the variety of the lists and the different types of lists that I wouldn’t have thought of making myself. Now I’m thinking about what other sorts of lists I might make from the past year. Thanks!

  12. I like the lists. Right now, I am struggling to come up with top 5 of anything for the last year, so I definitely need the challenge of thinking about them right now! Cats are definitely my #1 stress relief. Curling up at the end of the day (or early in the morning) with a blanket, cats, a cup of tea, and a book is my best relaxation!

  13. What a fun slice! And quite challenging for me! I may have to come back this to one by the end of the month.

  14. I love these lists! I can completely imagine myself managing to write 3 (maybe 4) things on a Top 5 list and then completely running out of ideas. (Except for Top 5 Reading Experiences—how about my Top 23?) I love your mother-daughter book club—I’ve made my father read two of my favorite books during the pandemic, and he loved both of them! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  15. We liked Mandalorian and The Golden Compass, I rewatched The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Walking has saved me and phone calls and podcasts while I walk are wonderful too! I have so many favorites – What Should I Read Next, The Next Right Thing and Kelly Corrigan Wonders (a recent discovery).

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