Our Most Heated Family Argument: Slice of Life #sol21 15/31

2016 Used Porsche 911 Gt3 Rs Pdk | Lava Orange

“That was clearly the car of the day,” my husband says as we turn to watch a beautifully restored Mustang drive by.

My son is so outraged he can only slap his thighs and jump up and down. Finally he finds words.

“That car?! THAT car?!” More slapping and jumping. “Hell no, HELL no!”

“Okay, okay,” I say mildly.

The argument is already raging, and we haven’t even seen the Lamborghini, the Delorean, or the $850,000 Porsche yet. Granted, the Porsche was parked inside a dealership, and I prefer my car of the day on the road, a true “in the wild” experience. But it was still pretty special.

“OBVIOUSLY it was the red GT3. It had CARBON FIBER!”

“That one was great too,” my husband offers, but it’s too late to make amends for the Mustang.

“I think I liked the orange Porsche,” I offer as a distraction.


“Well…” I stall.

The debate is interrupted by an orange Lamborghini speeding down the road. It takes us a moment to recover from the shock.

“What is this place?” I wonder.

Here we are on a nondescript street corner in a nondescript Michigan town and we’ve already seen the Mustang, several sweet 911s, and now this Lambo. Around the corner, we spy an Aston Martin and a McLaren.

As we’re getting into our car (a very dirty Honda Accord) to head home, a DeLorean pulls into the parking lot. A DELOREAN. I haven’t seen one in the wild since 1985. It’s the exclamation mark at the end of an excellent car spotting day. I can’t stop talking about it. A DeLorean. IN THE WILD.

“We saw that car before in a museum,” my son says scornfully. “It’s not that special. I guess that’s your car of the day?”

It’s not. I’m sticking with the orange 911.

24 responses to “Our Most Heated Family Argument: Slice of Life #sol21 15/31”

  1. Was there a car show in town? That is a lot of variety for “cars in the wild” in a “nondescript Michigan town”. I love that everyone in your family has an eye for makes and models and can have these playful arguments.

    • We spend so much time debating cars! Amazingly, no car show, but surely that wasn’t a normal Saturday afternoon?? I’m pretty sure my son is going to make that street corner his new preferred outing!

  2. I am amazed that you know how to identify these cars. And I’m amazed that y’all saw all these extraordinary cars in one small area.

    • LOL, just don’t ask me to talk about which rim is the best. As I always say, “you know I have no opinion about that.” And I don’t plan to develop one!! There’s got to be a limit!

    • Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these cars! And I rarely have a very strong opinion either! Though I do feel sad that my Honda Accord never gets to be car of the day!! In my heart, she is!

  3. My jaw dropped when other cars showed up, Elisabeth. So much serendipity going on lately! I have to confess, we have that old 65 Mustang sitting in our yard. It was my husband’s first car. He purchased it a around 1980 or 81? It’s be deteriorating for years and he can’t let it go. He would side with your husband. It’s funny how those cars signify a memory in time and the letting go seems impossible.

    • Oh my goodness, a 65 Mustang. My son would be ready to talk your husband’s ear off about that car! That’s normally a very prized car sighting for him–just not on a day when there are too many Porsches and a Lambo! I am usually BEGGING to leave the car dealership and head home long before they’re bored, but I confess that I would have hung out on that street corner a little longer just to see what drove by next!

  4. I love this! But seriously, what was going on?? Must have been a warm-ish day in Michigan so everyone was willing to get out their fancy cars. I’ve been seeing a lot of Maseratis down here in Birmingham lately, which isn’t exactly a car of the day, but still not something I every saw in Michigan! What a fun argument!!

    • Now I’m dying to go back to that street corner and try again! It was like the Dubai of Michigan (a place my son is very eager to visit because he’s certain every other car is a supercar!). We saw several Maseratis too, which normally would have been a little more noteworthy, but not in the context of this day of car spotting!

  5. I love how you incorporated the dialogue in this post. However, I am most impressed that you know all of these cars! I would just think “sports car”

    • Ha! I have watched many, many, MANY hours of videos about supercars. And talked for many, many, MANY hours about supercars. Last night’s hot debate: should we get the Porsche 911 Turbo or the McLaren? As thoroughly detailed and serious as if we were planning to head out today and purchase LOL.

  6. That is a surprising amount of high-powered cars for a random intersection! We are car spotters too. Our best day was pre-pandemic, following a MacLaren all the way through town on our way home from school! I loved the Delorean “in the wild.” In 1984, my grandparents’ friend bought a Delorean because of their unusual nature and the fact that they were going to be unavailable because of the whole John Delorean scandal. (They were not even rigged for time travel yet!) It was cool, but I never quite forgave him for selling his beautiful old Lamborghini in order to buy the Delorean.

    • I don’t know if that was a good trade (a Lambo for a Delorean!). My son still talks about the day we followed a McLaren through Denver. When we travel, I always find the supercar dealerships to take him. I was reading a bit about Delorean this weekend after seeing the car and hadn’t realized he had a Detroit connection! Delorean’s headquarters was Detroit (though i think the car was manufactured in Ireland). I think our families would get along very well: cats AND supercars!!

  7. I like this kind of argument!

    The car I wanted as a kid was a Porshe. You know what I got when I started driving? An Accord! Now that I’m an adult, I believe it was a much more suitable choice… though my teenage self never would have admitted it!

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