Right Now: Slice of Life #sol21 16/31

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

Right now, I’m indulging myself in a slow morning of slice reading, commenting, fishing for a slice of my own. What will strike me to write about today? Maybe pandemic hobbies. Maybe feral cat caretaking. Maybe something I haven’t discovered yet.

Right now, my lap is warm and heavy and rumbly with cat. Orange Oliver is stretched from toe to hip with his two BFFs, Smudge and Toast, snuggled on each side and spilling off my legs. They’re a Halloween Oreo of tiny chocolate cookies and extra, extra filling.

Right now, my mind races ahead of me, starting the day. What have I forgotten? What do I still need to do?

Right now, I need the reminder to practice the right now, to return to the present moment, to keep returning, to be here in this moment. Right now.

Thanks to Tammy for today’s prompt, which is part of her #10min10days writing prompt series. Visit her blog to sign up.






13 responses to “Right Now: Slice of Life #sol21 16/31”

  1. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    Halloween Oreo! I love that metaphor for your cat-lap!

  2. margaretsmn Avatar

    I like this prompt. We get to see you right now and we understand the value of being present to each moment.

  3. Melanie Meehan Avatar

    I haven’t gotten to your posts this month, Elisabeth, and I would have predicted the cats to be close in whatever right now moment you were sharing. Moment is my 2021 word– I appreciate your focus on presence!

  4. Clare Landrigan Avatar
    Clare Landrigan

    That is a great prompt — I love how you used it to figure out you weren’t focused in the right now. Staying in the moment is a tricky thing!

  5. TammyB Avatar

    I love what you did with this! Wonderful capture of where you are presently – well, when you wrote. I often circle back over and over trying to remember if I have forgotten something as well! Thank you!

  6. arjeha Avatar

    Staying focused in the moment is sometimes hard when the mind wants to go off on its own journey. Love the description of the cats.

  7. jumpofffindwings Avatar

    I can’t let go of “Orange Oliver”! I’m using this wonderful prompt at some point. “Right now my lap is warm, and heavy, and rumbly with cat.” How beautiful is that!

  8. Kristy L Avatar

    I steal your format everyday. Thank you for writing earlier than me! 🙂 I love how you circled back to what “right now” really means.

  9. Right Now #sol21 Version – Midwestern Heart in Dixie Avatar

    […] again, I am stealing this format from Elizabeth at the derigible plum because she always reminds me of my favorite […]

  10. Trina Avatar

    You have so many brilliant ideas, Elisabeth!

    I love this line so much: “They’re a Halloween Oreo of tiny chocolate cookies and extra, extra filling.”

  11. BeReal81 Avatar

    Loved the Halloween Oreo! Thanks for the reminder to truly be present and experience the moment fully with all senses.

  12. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    What a delicious lapful of cats, that would make it totally hard to move or want to do anything else!

  13. Amanda Potts Avatar

    The Halloween cat Oreo is great, as is this format. Love it.

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