Inky Pinky: A Six Word Memoir Slice of Life #sol21 17/31

Energy vibrates through her wild eyes.

This is Inky Pinky, when she was still feral, in the process of being tamed thanks to the magic of the very best cat toy, the Cat Dancer. No photo I’ve ever taken has captured the spirit of a cat quite so well. Inky still has very big round eyes but a much calmer energy as a beloved indoor cat at my mom’s house.







10 responses to “Inky Pinky: A Six Word Memoir Slice of Life #sol21 17/31”

  1. ms. chen Avatar

    You captured her spirit perfectly!

  2. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    I’m so glad Inky Pinky lives with me now. She has grown into her eyes (mostly) and lives a happy, safe life with the rest of my cat family.

  3. arjeha Avatar

    Those eyes just glow. You can see the alertness and energy behind them.

  4. BudaMusicJJH Avatar

    A very sweet story. Pinky is lucky to have such a loving home. She has a beautiful coat!

  5. carwilc Avatar

    She really does radiate energy!!! But those green eyes are beautiful!

  6. karpenglish Avatar

    My youngest cat gets that look sometimes too. We’ve hand raised her since she was 6 weeks old, and the shelter had her for a week or two before that, but every now and then, probably when the moon is full, she forgets that she is tamed now and gets that feral gleam in her eyes. Then five minutes later she is crying to be found because she is in the hallway all by herself, a good 20 feet away from my body.

  7. Book Dragon Avatar

    I am glad she has an indoor home with your mom.

  8. Trina Avatar

    Inky Pinky has beautiful green eyes. I hope she knows that she picked a great human to rescue her!

  9. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    Perfect photo, perfect six word poem, what a cat…can’t get any blacker than that!

  10. jarhartz Avatar

    Inky must become a character in a book. Those eyes!!

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