Screenshots: Slice of Life #sol21 19/31

How to screenshot on an iPhone | TechRadar

My iPhone is a more reliable tool for capturing and retracing my mind’s wanderings than my writer’s notebook.

Images are my favorite form of note-taking.

Screenshots capture my learning, wonders, curiosities, and commitments.

I snap places I want to travel and poems I need to share with my students.

I snap other teacher’s whiteboards, other people’s living rooms, other people’s cats.

I collect writing prompts and quotations and comics and graffiti and anything strange or beautiful.

I save books I want to buy and organizations I want to join and articles I mean to read and campaigns I plan to donate to and lessons I plan to teach.

My camera scroll is like my very own jumbled Pinterest, as if all the boards got mixed up into one.

It’s a mess and not entirely usable and inadequately sourced, but I love the serendipity of different intellectual worlds colliding as I scroll.

32 responses to “Screenshots: Slice of Life #sol21 19/31”

  1. Very interesting and fascinating screen shots. The hair sculpture is amazing. I learnt to take screen shots recently and when we talk to our grandchildren by video call, I take screen shots. Actually my grandson showed me how to take it 😊

  2. Too much to take in at one read. Ben Shahn, “Love first. Design later. Epic Humans.” and Dorianne Laux, favorite. The ending, too, “May you open, rare flowers, to each other.” I don’t use my phone for much; you use it as an archive. This is food for thought—like “G_ just came to my window, and I [wasn’t] too tired to open it.”

  3. That’s quite a collection. I screenshot memes and tweets and cruise Pinterest for travel. I email myself articles to read all the time. I started a Twitter hashtag for myself so I could find links I wanted to save easily, but that didn’t last long. Like you, my phone is my notebook. I write poetry in the notes app and use that app as a writer’s notebook. After March I’m bowing to clean it up.

  4. There is so much to savor and love about your collection here. Like you, I squirrel a LOT of images, websites, quotations and inspiration away in all kinds of different places: screen shots, sticky notes, marked posts on Feedly, bookmarks, Google docs. I may also have to steal a few more of these for my stash! (It was also cool to see a screen shot of Jess Lifshitz’s chart about a writer’s authority. She and I were in the same hiring class in our district, and she is one of my absolute favorite people on this planet.) The other one that hit me was the “we look for conflict, but not relationships” tweet. I’m going to have to THINK about that one.

    • I save a lot of Jess’s anchor charts. I learn so much from her about teaching! I’ve been thinking about Alex’s words about seeking conflict and not healthy love and relationships ever since I read it too. That is deep! I love the metaphor of squirreling.

  5. I love the analogy of your phone to a notebook. It is so true. You’ve made me see my phone as
    a treasure and given me more to add to my roll.

  6. Yes. SAME! I’ve thought about how my family will deal with my massive screenshot collection when I’m gone. Of course, I think the same of my email inbox which, even though I occasionally go through and delete massive junk, still has over 100K unread messages.

    Also, I laughed so hard at the Pride and Prejudice review. 😂 Oh my. I needed that!!

    • Oh Shaye, my email is just the same. I have a huge set of things to save that go directly to my email, no screenshots. I try to go through every so often, read, sort, save to my different Pinterest boards. I’ve squirreled away far more than I can ever use!! Isn’t that P&P review hilarious? I laughed so hard because it’s so true and yet…

  7. What a fun collection of screenshots! I loved seeing them! I have realized that most of my pictures of my phone are of my cats. When did I turn into a cat lady??

  8. Thank you for sharing! I love screenshots as well…in fact, I was just talking with a writer friend about this very thing yesterday!
    When I write my coffee shares on Sunday the photos on my phone are usually more telling than my notebook as well for jogging my memory of the week!

      • I use them a lot for writing. Prompts and pictures that spur ideas for writing. The screenshots for teaching are mostly centers and experiments [hands on things] for the kids that I am holding til I have them in person. I have a Keep checklist that I use to coordinate all the things to try to keep them all together.

  9. This is at once intimate and amazingly awesome! I feel like I’ve been peeking over your shoulder as you scroll. (#creepy but also lovely) It also feels familiar, lots of things I perhaps also liked or recognized from my own digital forages. Thanks for sharing this window into your affinities!

  10. That’s pretty much what I do with my ipad, take shots of everything, I don’t think mine are as eclectic as yours. Just wondering if you want to find something in particular, you just have to scroll through?

    • You know, it’s kind of like shopping at a used bookstore. If I go in looking for one particular thing, I’m not likely to find it, but if I’m open, I’ll find lots of OTHER things that are amazing! So it’s definitely not an efficient system! But my brain seems to thrive on unexpected connections and juxtapositions.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the screenshots you shred with us! I have been clipping and saving more as of late, too. Now I need to schedule regular time to review, use, cull…

  12. These are wonderful! I tend to take an enormous volume of screenshots as well, though I am terrible at actually remembering to look at them again! Thanks for the great post!

  13. This is like “accidentally” peeking at your phone- so intimate and intriguing as you get a sense of the person from what they document. I love how you describe it- “serendipity of different intellectual worlds colliding as I scroll.” Just a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing.

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