Book Spine Poetry: Slice of Life #sol21 20/31

Here’s the thing about book spine poetry: it’s impossible to create just one. Here’s the other thing about book spine poetry: it makes a big mess of your books. I now have half finished poems stacked all over my office! Oh, and one more thing about book spine poetry: cats are very curious about the piles of books.

the writer’s practice
living between the lines
finding wonders
writing down the bones
naming the world

freedom dreams
we do this ’til we free us






16 responses to “Book Spine Poetry: Slice of Life #sol21 20/31”

  1. deborahdillon Avatar

    OMG! This is fantastic! What a great way to create with whole things that are a part of you – books! I love this and I will never look at my book collection the same way again. I just might have to try this out.
    Thank you for your great slice – photos, poetry and all. Bravo!

  2. kimjohnson66 Avatar

    These are lovely spine poems! The visual display and economy of words shimmers!

  3. jumpofffindwings Avatar

    I’m trying this! What a terrific “book review,” too. Thanks

  4. djvichos Avatar

    I love these poems! What a fun process. I never thought past pen and paper to stacking books. You really can find poetry everywhere if you’re open to it. I think the cats know something about that 🙂

  5. thewriteapple Avatar

    What a fun idea! Great slice!

  6. arjeha Avatar

    The thing about book spine poems is the arrangements make powerful statements.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I also love the ability to move lines around just by re-ordering the books! I often switch first and last lines before I’m done, which is maybe a revision I need to consider when I write poetry.

  7. Completely Full Bookshelf Avatar
    Completely Full Bookshelf

    Both of these are great! I should really try making some of these kinds of poems. Thanks for the wonderful post!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Oh, you should definitely try them! They are really fun.

  8. Terje Avatar

    I love your poems. You have super good titles to help you out. A book spine poem rescued me yesterday.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      LOL, I was fussing to my mom this morning about how I felt I had no ideas for a slice today and she said “You haven’t done a book spine poem yet.” TRUE! They are a wonderful rescue on certain days, aren’t they?

  9. Amanda Regan Avatar
    Amanda Regan

    These are incredible poems! I can see that book spine poetry could lead to a bit of a mess, but your poems prove that it is worth it. 🙂

  10. Lainie Levin Avatar
    Lainie Levin

    I love this format. And that second poem? POWERFUL STUFF. That’s a line for me to roll up and carry in my back pocket.

  11. Ramona Avatar

    I love the mention of your curious cats wandering the book piles. I have to agree that book spine poetry makes a mess of your books, but the play makes it worth the mess.

  12. Trina Avatar

    Fantastic spine poems! I especially love your second.

  13. natashadomina Avatar

    I love these! I especially love the first poem–writers living between the lines…finding wonders…..naming the world. So lovely!

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