What Is Your Ideal?: Slice of Life #sol21 24/31

Today I’m borrowing an idea from A Time to Write. Thank you for the inspiration!

My ideal dog is a pit bull. The concrete block head. The silly forehead wrinkles. The smushy cheeks. The soulful eyes. Even though we aren’t looking for a dog, I still like to admire the dogs at pit bull rescue sites, and the copy for literally every pit bull is the same. Velcro dog. Thinks she’s a 65-pound lap dog. Loves to be with his people, preferably touching at all times. They’re also the clowns of the dog world; their serious alert face most likely hides a complete goofball.

My all-time favorite cat is Chipotle, of course, with his silly crooked face and whiskers growing along the side of his nose and that glass-breaking meow that seems far too loud for such a small fellow and snuggly sweetness. He’s also got the kitty version of PTSD; he is uniquely skittish and, as we have cause to point out nearly every day, emotionally fragile. And so it’s perhaps a stretch to call him an ideal cat. Still, I’ll take him over every other cat, so perhaps he is my ideal after all.

My ideal house would be a cottage in Maine. A deer-proof garden and a view of the bay? I think so. I know I suffer from “remote writing cabin” fantasy, but I’m just so certain that if I only lived in this cottage, I’d write the most incredible books.

My ideal dessert is everything I can no longer eat–all the butter, all the cream, all the chocolate. Maybe a simple chocolate pot de creme, quite chilled and eaten very slowly from a tiny spoon.

My ideal gift is a notebook, of course. You can never have too many. Preferably unlined or dotted, but I’m not picky.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

What are your ideals?

13 responses to “What Is Your Ideal?: Slice of Life #sol21 24/31”

  1. This is why I love your blog! I agree with all these choices and feel much the same way. I love pits as well. My little Cricket is the sweetest dog ever. I used to run with her and people would always give me such wide berth!
    Notebooks and chocolate and cats….perfect.
    Lately, my writing cottage fantasy is me somewhere in Norway writing! I have so many pictures of cabins and cottages on Pinterest! LOL
    Thank you for this smile this morning. Just delightful.

  2. I would never have known that there is an Ideal Dog if you had not rescued Roxie. Pit bulls are so wonderful. What a perfect writing cottage!

  3. These ideals are great. Each one has a special meaning. My brother has a pit bull and as soon as anyone comes into the house that dog is on him licking his face. You had better have a good sturdy stance of you will be on the floor in no time at all. His joy at seeing people is boundless.

  4. This is so creative and inspiring! I’m taking notes so I can survive the last few days of March with some possible options for writing – though, I won’t have such lovely photos.

  5. Once again, my next post idea comes from you!! I love this. Pitties are adorable!! And I agree, you’d write a whole series in a house like that!!

  6. Elizabeth, it has been some time since I read one of your slices so I am thrilled that I made it to yours tonight. My ideals…is a great prompt. Since I am a chocolate lover, I liked what you shared in that category but I also like the idea of a quaint little cottage in Maine churning out the pages of a book.

  7. Our next door neighbors have a pit bull named Lilo that would be your ideal dog. Sweet and playful.
    Chipotle is wonderful love the black and white kitty. Chocolate, Maine cabin on the bay and notebooks (imagine that!) sound quite ideal to me!

  8. Thanks for the shout out and so glad to read your slice. I don’t like bull terriers at all, although their smiles are very endearing, isn’t it funny how ideals differ?! Your cat is adorable and also the house, is it made of shingles? The dessert looks divine and I agree, small tiny spoonfuls! And of course you can never have enough notebooks!

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