25 Things That Make Me Happy: Slice of Life #sol21 25/31

Thanks to Judy K at Joodles Now & Then and Caitlin at Love Always, Caitlin for the inspiration for this post!

For the 25th day of the March Slicing Challenge, I’m making a list of 25 things that make me happy.

  • vintage stamps
  • washi tape
  • extra ice in my iced coffee
  • thrift stores
  • sunrises
  • my mom’s love of emojis
  • a rainy day
  • driftwood
  • hotel pillows
  • bookshelves organized by color
  • unexpected thank you’s
  • lap cats
  • Internet rabbit holes
  • small poems
  • finding a pen when I need one
  • the stories that introduce recipes
  • watching basketball
  • gratitude practice
  • being well hydrated
  • a crowded bird feeder
  • shade on a sunny day
  • the patterns & textures of tree bark
  • making a to-do list
  • completing a to-do list
  • new books (also old books, borrowed books, library books…)

What’s on your list?






15 responses to “25 Things That Make Me Happy: Slice of Life #sol21 25/31”

  1. lynnedorfman Avatar

    I just wrote about gratitude journals. Love your lap cat (I have a lap dog), crowded birdfeeders, rainy days (surprising, but I need one every once in a while), new books, and to-do lists. They would be on my list, too. Thanks for this idea for another post.

  2. terierrol Avatar

    I like so many on your list, especially a lap cat and books!

  3. Shaye Miller Avatar

    It’s so fun seeing this list and appreciating many of these things all over again. I pray with each of my children, nightly, and I find it therapeutic when we spend much of that time showcasing the easily forgotten joys that we’re grateful for. And oh my goodness, “finding a pen when I need one.” SO MUCH THIS! And lately, scissors. We must own at least three dozen scissors in this house, so when my kitchen scissors are in the right drawer when I actually need them, it just might make my whole entire day! LOL

  4. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    Love your list.

  5. Book Dragon Avatar

    I love lap cats and books, too.

  6. jumpofffindwings Avatar

    I am so clueless. I looked up washi tape. Yes, I knew this brilliant tape existed; I didn’t know it’s name though. (Everything else on your list? I’m on board!)

  7. EugeniaKouts Avatar

    I love this style of writing. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone with just a list of things they like!

  8. arjeha Avatar

    So many wonderful things on your list although I must say that hotel pillows baffles me a bit. Books and cats would definitely be on my list.

  9. Patricia J Holloway Avatar

    This is such a fun list/ I always like extra ice in any drink!

  10. Ramona Avatar

    Love this ! My faves? Sunrises, lap cats, rainy days, and new books (also old books, borrowed books, library books…).

  11. hsatlas Avatar

    Thanks for a fun, upbeat idea. I tried this today and enjoyed thinking of happy things. I like sunrises, lap cats, being well hydrated, and new, old, borrowed books. Thanks for inspiring me today.

  12. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    What a lovely list, so many diverse yet simple things, simply great to ponder on and read through!

  13. jarhartz Avatar

    So many of things on your list are not the obvious but the oh yes! Washi tape for one. Bark on trees for another. I’m planning this post before the end of the month. So many things I’m waiting a few more days.

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  15. Terje Avatar

    Reading this makes me feel good. This list shows so beautifully how small things can add up to happiness.

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