Things I Should Turn into Lists: Slice of Life #sol21 30/31

  • photos of Chipotle that should be a meme
  • flowering trees in Detroit (in the order they bloom)
  • books I bought in March
  • books I bought during the pandemic
  • books I had every intention of reading but instead of reading I bought more books
  • things to remember about March
  • things to remember about today
  • ten poems I discovered since August
  • buttery, chocolatey things I wish I could still eat
  • weird things I wish I could find in a thrift store
  • photos I thought about taking
  • things I wish I had more of
  • things I wish I had less of

Today’s slice came to me by a circuitous path. I was looking for a collection of slicing ideas since I’m bored with all the ideas I’ve collected and didn’t feel like writing about any of them. I was aimlessly searching and not finding what I wanted, when I suddenly remembered Michelle Nero’s excellent Slicing Pinterest board. The very first pin shared Terje’s lists inspired by hula seventy, a post from May 2019, which sent me to hula seventy’s blog, apparently for the second time. Though I don’t remember her project of 365 lists at all, I absolutely love it all over again.

21 thoughts on “Things I Should Turn into Lists: Slice of Life #sol21 30/31

  1. I love a good list! This one made me chuckle. I especially loved your, “books I had every intention of reading but instead of reading I bought more books.” Oh my goodness, I have that list too!!! When writing is hard, I find listing a great way to discover ideas. I see several nuggets here.

    A little over a year ago, I bought a bullet journal with dotted pages and use it strictly to make lists. Sometimes something comes to me and I just want to list it out. This journal has been a fun deviation from my regular writing notebook. Lists: one of life’s little pleasures.

    Thanks for sharing! (And yeah to Michele. She’s so thoughtful in the way she organizes lists in Pinterest.)

    • Another thing I meant to write about this month is my bullet journal, which I just started using this year–and exclusively to make lists! I also write a lot of lists in my writer’s notebook. I find them so generative as well as a quick way of capturing my thinking.

  2. Without reading your post first, I was on the list thought line myself. I like your idea of lists of lists to write. The items on your list make me curious. especially the ten poems. My list today is about the things I didn’t write this month even thought they were on my original list when I planned for the SOLSC.

  3. This is a fun slice. Everyone loves a list, and as Tammy B notes, this is a list of lists! I’m very interested in your list of weird things you want to find in a thrift store.

  4. I am mercilessly teased by my family for my many lists so this was reassuring to read this post and realize that I’m not alone! And this one: “books I had every intention of reading but instead of reading I bought more books” – made me feel seen 🙂

  5. Lists. They have such a way of sneaking poetry into our lives, don’t they? And yes, I am a hopeless lister. Lists have taken over my blog in all kinds of forms and fashions. All of which is to say, your post really resonated with me today. Thank you.

  6. There’s a slicing pinterest board?! How did I not know about this? Fear not: I just followed it. And I love your list of lists. And I’m definitely on board for Chipotle memes. I almost wrote about Tippy again tonight, but instead I wrote a list – perhaps you and I are on far too similar of a wavelength!

    • Some cats provide so much writing material. I was petting Smudge yesterday as I was writing and feeling a little bit bad because I’ve never written about him, but as I tried to imagine a Smudge post, I could think of literally nothing to say. He’s a lovely cat but somehow not generative for me as a writer! And I’m delighted to know I have a list to read when I make it over to your blog later today!!

  7. Your list is so fascinating! I want to read all the book lists and write some of my own. My favorite (after the cats!) entry on your list was “books I had every intention of reading but instead of reading I bought more books.” That’s one of my very favorite activities!

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