31 Things That I Did Not Write About: Slice of Life #sol21 31/31

It seems somehow fitting that I end my month of Slicing with another list. This idea comes from Terje at Just for a month.

I spent the month of February angsting about whether I would participate in the slicing challenge this year. I hadn’t blogged since August, and I wasn’t sure I had the time, energy, or ideas for 31 slices. My slicing penpal friends probably got tired of the obligatory “will I or will I not” and “which way are you leaning? Tell me what you’re going to do so that I can do the same thing” paragraphs in my letters. I was leaning heavily toward no until about February 27th.

Still, just in case, just to see, I did a little preparation work on February 15 in my writer’s notebook–a quick list of ideas I could slice about. It turns out there were plenty. And once I did commit, I did what I always do in March: open a document to keep a running list of slicing ideas and potential mentor texts. Of course I generated far more ideas than I actually chose to write about, as I always do. So here are 31 ideas I planned to write about but never did.

  1. my requirements for bedtime reading
  2. washi tape
  3. do I like new hobbies just because I like buying new supplies?
  4. my favorite mural in Detroit
  5. 10 things I love about Detroit
  6. urban trees
  7. the view out my window
  8. the art that mattered to me this year
  9. how I slice–the whole pie, not one piece
  10. incredible facts about opossums
  11. my favorite odd object–an embroidered portrait of a German Shepherd
  12. settling in after moving
  13. 5 poets I didn’t know last year
  14. the room I Zoom from
  15. my favorite city walk
  16. letter to 2020
  17. letter to 2021
  18. what we talk about when we talk about color
  19. kitchen table
  20. what my childhood tasted like
  21. playlist of my life
  22. conversations with strangers (slices I want to dialogue with)
  23. one sentence slice
  24. best self care activities for me
  25. why I take weekends off from work
  26. rereading my writer’s notebooks
  27. where I find book recommendations
  28. what my students said when I asked about their dream vacations
  29. 21 hopes for 2021
  30. depending on when you met me
  31. top 10 books from 2020

I also never wrote the obligatory slice reflecting on what I’ve learned from another year of completing this challenge. It’s usually a relearning anyway. Here are three things I relearned:

  • I really do have plenty of things to write about.
  • Writing leads to more writing. There’s a reason we call it a practice.
  • March is for slicing so there’s no reason to waste mental energy wondering if I should sign up. I should and I will.

And one thing I learned for the first time.

  • As a college professor, March is easy. As a high school teacher, March is kind of hard. Slicing made an otherwise long month fly by and feel restorative and joyful rather than draining.

And finally, a few thank you’s:

  • to TWT for supporting all of us in this work of writing and teaching
  • to the other 250+ Slicers for writing every day and providing such wonderful material to read
  • to my blog readers for their comments and encouragement
  • to my mom just for being awesome (and also for reading and commenting and encouraging!)
  • to my four lap cats, Smudge, Oliver, Chipotle, and Toast, for their excellent warmth and purring (that’s my lap under all those cats!)






13 responses to “31 Things That I Did Not Write About: Slice of Life #sol21 31/31”

  1. terierrol Avatar

    I need to use your inspiration next February when I debate slicing again. You are right, once I start writing, there is more to write about. Thank you for sharing.

  2. TammyB Avatar

    I am going to save your list for upcoming blog posts! Great ideas

  3. arjeha Avatar

    Many of us go through that should-we-or-shouldn’t-phase before signing up to take on the challenge. Glad you participated. I always rnjoy your posts and your cst pictures. Thsnk you for selling of the comments you left on my pists.

  4. Trina Avatar

    Your list, as usual, is fantastic! I am glad that you ended up writing this year!

  5. Elizabeth Avatar

    I love your list of ideas! I laughed out loud about #3 — I definitely start new hobbies to buy new supplies and always feel guilty about it. I’m also very curious about your opossum facts, and like your idea of the taste of your childhood. I’m trying to think if I could write about that without insulting my mother….

  6. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    As usual, I loved your list! Now I’m so curious about all of these un-sliced items: perfect walking conversations for the days to come! And thank you for the ‘mom-thank-you’.

  7. jarhartz Avatar

    A beautiful way to finish the challenge, so glad you did It. Your list is wonderful; want to read about them all! The last day of the challenge is bittersweet. I will miss the daily reads and writing. Loved all of yours!

  8. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    Totally saving this in case I have an inspiration-less day next March. Here I am proclaiming that I will participate next year even though like you, I almost did not this year. As for your list, I really like 2, 9, and 20. Thank you for your reflections and affirmations. March is for slicing- the end. See you next March.

  9. margaretsmn Avatar

    You should keep blogging. You have an energy in your posts that I admire. I want to be obsessed with washi tape but I’ve resisted the ads on FB. Someone out there knows that’s what I want. I have enough trouble writing with one cat on my lap, but 4?! Keep this list for next year when you think you won’t then do.

  10. Amanda Regan Avatar
    Amanda Regan

    What an awesome list of ideas! I, too, made a list in February, but it wasn’t nearly as long or as interesting. I really struggled this year to keep up, I have to admit. But like you, I’m sure I’ll be back again next year. See you next March!

  11. natashadomina Avatar

    This is a fun list of topic ideas! I love the combination of topics that would be good for anyone to write with topics that are unique to you. You’re inspiring me to want to create more list posts!

  12. Ramona Avatar

    Love this list of what you didn’t write. Putting in an early request for 1, 9, 13, & 19. And keep the cat pics and posts coming. I adore all your furry friends!

  13. karpenglish Avatar

    This list makes me wonder why am I not keeping a writer’s notebook? I am always losing track of mentor text blogs I’d like to revisit and new ideas to try and I truly have NO IDEA why I don’t simply write them down. Sheesh. Now I have a new aspiration for next March. I thought that you had written a Depending on When You Met Me slice this year, so I must be getting everyone’s blogs mixed up. It has been quite a month. Thank you for the lap picture of Smudge, Oliver, Chipotle, and Toast. I always look forward to March updates on your cat adventures. 😺

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