Slicing Process #sol22 14/31

I love reading and writing metaslices–those slices about slicing. Normally I write one or two each month, and they tend to be longer slices because I can muse at great length about writing. Today I’m challenging myself with a prompt I found at Wordsmithing, based on a tweet from author Jarrett Lerner. My slicing process for March 2022 in just five words:

Gone fishing; catch a slice.


My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Thanks, Book Dragon, for today’s idea! You can enjoy more versions of this prompt at Writing Is Its Own Reward and Reflections, Ruminations, and Renderings.

18 responses to “Slicing Process #sol22 14/31”

  1. I love your theme this year about finding inspiration in others words. This is a fabulous idea! I love the 6 word memoirs- this is similar.

  2. Oh, I love this slice and your theme of finding inspiration in others’ slices this months. The waters are rich indeed! What a great idea. Happy fishing!

  3. Oh, those words and that picture. How I love the sense of adventure it evokes. And writing is the same – we go fishing for our memories, for whatever bites, and we hope we can hook it and reel it in. Perfect analogy! I think I responded to this actual prompt by Jarrett Lerner that day, too. He keeps us thinking, doesn’t he?

  4. As March wanders on, my posts get shorter and shorter. Love this idea. I had a mentor once who compared writing poetry to going fishing.

  5. These words make such perfect sense. All those thoughts swimming around in our heads, we cast a line, hook one, and that’s our topic for the day.

  6. I have not been commenting recently due to my enormous busyness, but I just wanted to say quickly that it’s always wonderful to see your slices in March, and I’ve been reading all of them as they arrive in my email inbox! Thanks so much for all the wonderful posts, Elisabeth!

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