17 Things I’m Trying to Get To #sol22 17/31

It’s living in a pandemic. And the time of year. And being new to a city I haven’t explored much because of that pandemic. And exhaustion. And attending to the needs of others. And my brain. Plenty of obstacles and constraints keep me from having the time and energy and mental space to get to all the things I’d like to be experiencing and enjoying and savoring in life. But making a list and writing those things down makes me realize that while I won’t be doing some of them any time soon, others I could start adding to my life today or next week.

browsing thrift stores with my mom
visiting a museum
discovering “my” local coffee shop
scheduling coffee with friends
reading a poem–at least one–every day
writing more feedback for my students
attending conferences in person
painting all the rooms in my house bold colors
sitting on a screened porch with my cats
walking in the forest
sleeping until the alarm goes off
catching up on letters to penpals
reading all morning
planting more flowers
eating a meal in a restaurant
reading the Sunday New York Times cover to cover

What would be on your list?

My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Today, I was inspired by my dear friend, Julieanne, at To Read To Write To Be.






13 responses to “17 Things I’m Trying to Get To #sol22 17/31”

  1. mbhmaine Avatar

    All those short sentences beginning with “and” really set the tone here. But still, your list is such a rich, positive one! I look forward to hearing how some of these filter into upcoming days. Great slice!

  2. humbleswede Avatar

    Your intro says a lot about this time we’re experiencing…and the list says a lot about what we all hope is to come. Watching a baseball game in person would be on my list…or a show on Broadway. Both are things that will have to wait. I like this idea…and many of the ideas on your list.

  3. kimhaynesjohnson Avatar

    What a neat post. I love your list of things that you want to get to, and I love that coffee is at the top of the list. What IS it about coffee that instantly charms us even at the very thought? Traveling grabs me – that’s my theme for the month (more journeys than travels, but I love to pack a suitcase and go adventuring). Something I need to do is clean out my attic, but that’s a thing that will have to wait. For today, I will be happy to distribute some grant books to a community partner to put them in the hands of children. I look forward to seeing what the day brings and the journey that brings insights and stories and moments……and in a few minutes, I look forward to my first cup of coffee this morning. It’s going to be a GREAT green-ish day!

  4. TammyB Avatar

    It is so easy to borrow your daily post these days!
    going to a museum has been on my list forever. I keep thinking I will go and then stop myself. Reading all day is one that would be on my list (You will see mine soon on my blog too!) YOU are such an inspiration. traveling is a big one for me too.

  5. Melanie White Avatar

    Thanks for this uplifting post, Elizabeth! I miss potluck lunches with colleagues at school, book club meetings with friends in person, outdoor music festivals, and camping at Sandbanks. So much to look forward to!

  6. arjeha Avatar

    Sometimes making lists is like setting goals; some are short term and some are long term. It is always good to have our sights set on something. Lists keep us going.

  7. Trina Avatar

    I love this list. It makes me think of some of my own things…thank you for some inspiration!

    This week was the first time it was warm enough to sit with the cats on the screened in porch. They loved it. I loved it.

  8. Amanda Potts Avatar

    I love the look of your list and the way it meanders between big and small, mundane and must-do. In my mind, I am making my own list. What am I trying to get to? Making time for sewing and crafting, traveling, and so much more!

  9. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    I love your list. I hope that you will soon be able to do everything you are longing to do. It’s been a long two years. We are going to have such fun when we can finally go to thrift stores and book stores.

  10. margaretsmn Avatar

    What a great list! I need to do this, too. I haven’t been attending to my own creative down time like I wish I could.

  11. Stacey Shubitz Avatar

    That’s a fabulous list, Elisabeth!
    We moved to a new place right before the pandemic hit. I truly feel like the new kid in town since there is so much I haven’t explored yet. Museums… restaurants… farmer’s markets… there’s so much I want to do.

  12. Book Dragon Avatar

    Number one on my list: get to organizing the mountain of papers on my dining table.

  13. jarhartz Avatar

    Everything on your list fills me with longing. I think I’ll add paint rooms to my list.

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