A Bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream #sol22 18/31

Once upon a time, I thought that a bowl of vanilla ice cream was a sad thing. I have always been sure those surveys naming vanilla as America’s favorite ice cream flavor were wrong. Could there really be people–and so many of them!–who would choose vanilla over chocolate?! Or strawberry or peach or coffee or caramel or mint chocolate chip or …. you get the idea.

But especially over chocolate. I have never understood choosing anything over chocolate.

That was before I became middle-aged, though, and suddenly foods that I’d ingested and digested quite happily all my life began to cause problems. Including chocolate. It took years, literally years, before I would finally acknowledge it, but chocolate triggers serious heartburn. And while I tried to convince myself that it was still worth it, eventually I had to come to terms with reality. Chocolate was not worth it.

If someone were to survey me about my favorite ice cream flavor, I’d still say chocolate. But I’ve exchanged chocolate for vanilla, and since I discovered Trader Joe’s French Vanilla, I don’t have any regrets. My criticism of vanilla ice cream has always been that it’s bland, even flavorless. But not the Trader Joe’s brand. This is a plain ice cream that still seems decadent. (As it should–it’s ridiculously high fat.) It’s pretty good even on its own–but how much better smothered with sea salt caramel sauce!

Although I sometimes miss variety as well as chocolate, it turns out that I do find it comforting to have the dessert decision already made. And maybe Richard Feynman and Dr. Sturgis from Young Sheldon are right: I could be saving myself at least a day and a half of life just by eating the same flavor of ice cream every night.


My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Today’s idea comes from A Food Prompt at Writing to Learn, Learning to Write.






10 responses to “A Bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream #sol22 18/31”

  1. amyilene Avatar

    There is something wonderful about the simplicity of vanilla ice cream….and a beautifully crafted piece about that simplicity!

  2. Writing to Learn, Learning to Write Avatar

    Welcome to the vanilla ice cream fan club!

  3. humbleswede Avatar

    I was one of those vanilla people in the survey. I always chose vanilla as a kid. I had gotten sick once after a dessert of chocolate ice cream and of course blamed the chocolate ice cream, not the stomach bug. I think your smothering proves something else about it. It makes a very good platform or canvas for added flavors. It’s humble and accommodating

  4. Melanie White Avatar

    There are so many things to love about this slice (of ice cream lore) – the playful opening line, the love story which turned to heartburn, and the humour. What a sweet discovery this morning!

  5. Teaching my garden to grow Avatar

    Trader Joes vanilla is the only ice cream I buy. I the beauty of vanilla, you can turn it into just about any flavor imaginable!

  6. jjuUnknown or Deleted User Avatar

    I love the idea of a permanent dessert to save initiation energy, lol. I will add for anyone who cannot have dairy, Trader Joe’s has a delicious dairy-free dessert called Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert. It’s wonderful!

  7. arjeha Avatar

    The nice ting about vanilla ice cream is that you can doctor it up any way you like it you choose…chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel sauce, fruit, nuts, …

  8. Terje Avatar

    Saving thought time is a big thing. i am glad that you found a substitute for chocolate ice-cream and didn’t have to give up the treat.

  9. Trina Avatar

    I think that vanilla is always a good choice. Arjeha is right – you can always add toppings into it! It would be a bummer to have to give up chocolate completely though! My doctor told me to avoid chocolate too because of acid reflux…I know that I need to and I just cannot!

  10. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    Love your ice cream slice.
    The one flavour of ice cream I don’t like is chocolate, so I personally think you have made the right decision…would be hard though if chocolate was such a favourite. Cannot believe people take so long to choose an ice cream flavour?!

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