Five Things About Me #sol22 24/31

Something About Yourself:
My work bestie calls the Myers Briggs “astrology for STEM folks” which should probably make me feel a bit sheepish about loving it so much, but it doesn’t in the least. I’m an INFP, and the image that accompanies the INFP description will tell you everything you need to know about me. It’s a woman skipping barefoot in the forest, carrying a flower, gazing into the distance, totally distracted by the butterflies.

Something About Your Neighborhood:
Detroit is a city of blocks as much as it’s a city of neighborhoods, and neighborhoods can shift dramatically in look and feel from block to block. I live in what realtors like to call an “ever improving” or “an up and coming” neighborhood, but my block has mostly up and come already. It’s a 25-minute brisk walk to the river, .8 miles to a Trader Joe’s, and a 13-minute drive to work.

Something You Love to Do: I love to write letters! Like everyone else, I tried several new hobbies early in pandemic isolation, and penpalling is the one that’s really stuck. I have made new friends around the world, reconnected with friends I’d lost touch with over the years, and moved several online friendships into real life through the exchange of letters. Writing letters is a great excuse to sit and rest on the weekends after a busy week of work. It’s also a great way to be sociable without having to leave the house.

Something You Hate to Do: I hate to make phone calls. To the point where I almost can’t make myself do it. When I have to make a phone call, I need days and sometimes weeks to work up to it. Thankfully, my mom and husband have no blocks regarding phone calls and often volunteer to shoulder some of the burden by making a call I am struggling to make.

Something You Want to Learn: I wish I could learn some basic carpentry skills. I have things I want to be able to build–a catio, a screened porch, bookshelves–and zero experience and zero skills. I wish I had some older handy relative I could shadow and learn from. (Maybe I’ll check out some YouTube videos and see if I could actually pick up a new skill that way.)


My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Today’s idea comes from aligett24’s post, Inspired by MG Lit.






27 responses to “Five Things About Me #sol22 24/31”

  1. kimhaynesjohnson Avatar

    I love your commitment to commenting on the blogs of others and responding in your blog – that’s a great way to take scoops of life and blend them all in like baking that delicious bread at Bonefish Grill, the kind you dip in the olive oil and herbs and savor for long moments, wondering why you ordered an entree with bread that good. I love what you’ve done here with the things about you. I, too, am on a letter writing crusade. I’ve been mailing one piece of correspondence a day just to connect and bring smiles nondigitally. I am an INTJ…..I wish I were more like you. That T and J is a curse at times. Something interesting here: The Google knows I love to travel and I recently got a list of places, based on my previous travels, where it predicts I should go next. Detroit is one of them topping the list. Are the Red Wings still playing? Spring Break is next week, and I could maybe enjoy a hockey game. What else would you recommend for a tourist in Detroit?

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Detroit is an amazing art city! A world-class art museum but even more than what’s inside a building, it’s what is outside. Thousands of murals all over the city as well as interesting outdoor art installations like the Heidelberg Project and the Bead Museum. The history of Motown and the history of the automobile with museums and exhibitions devoted to each. Also a great city if you love Art Deco architecture. And a beautiful river walk to enjoy. The N and P can also be a curse, but it’s easy for an NP to put that out of mind to and go dancing off into the forest after the butterflies. Love your project of a piece of mail a day!

  2. Erika Avatar

    Great format- I often see a format first on your blog, rather than wherever you got inspiration.

    1. TammyB Avatar

      Agreed! These posts lead me to the others…not the other way around! Lots of great reading for us so that is a win win!

    2. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I’m always on the lookout for something I could write from! I skim dozens of slices each day, commenting on as many as I can, and grabbing what inspires!

  3. TammyB Avatar

    This line made me laugh: My work bestie calls the Myers Briggs “astrology for STEM folks” I love this idea! I am an INTJ and have used the personality as a PD that opened up conversation among my staff like nothing else ever did. It was amazing and surprising! We would have so much to talk about if we met in real life! I love to writer letters too – although I have not done so in awhile. I think I will add that to my list for next week. I also hate to make phone calls and joke that calls are NOT what I use my cell for. I will agonize over making a call and put it off for days sometimes! UGH. Youtube is amazing for learning new things. Last year I dabbled in watercolor and youtube made such a difference! Thanks for this inspiring post today!

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I needed an activity for my students on an early release day, so we did the Myers Briggs and reflected on it. They were amazed by how much the profiles got right about their personalities. And I learned that my most challenging student is my opposite in every letter! It was also fun to identify the 5 INFPs I teach. One of them I would have guessed but the others were a big surprise. So fun! Yes, we would have so much to talk about in real life! We should exchange addresses and send each other some mail after March!

      1. TammyB Avatar

        That is an amazing idea! We can be pen pals! LOL

  4. jarhartz Avatar

    You have been a true teacher to us slicers. Showing us a mentor text a day to keep us going. I’d being a creative and generous person to this list. Thank you for your daily gift this month.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I am so glad I set this particular constraint for myself. I’ve really enjoyed having to find a slice to write from each day. And thank you for those very kind words!

  5. arjeha Avatar

    There are so many different ways people have of giving information about themselves. I really like this format. As others have said, you have given us so many different formats we can use when writer’s block hits. Carpentry skills – mine are non existent.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I always enjoy exploring a new format. But then one thing I know about myself as a writer is that I appreciate a constraint!

  6. margaretsmn Avatar

    Hey! I’m an INFP, too! But I don’t mind making phone calls. Have you done the Enneagram? I’m a #2 there. I like this format for a slice. I want to know more about how you initiated the letter writing project. About 3 years ago I decided to send a card a week to 5 friends who had cancer. It was therapeutic for me and for them. Unfortunately 2 of them died so I stopped. But you have me inspired to write letters again.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      That’s so sad–I am sorry to read that about your friends. Writing weekly cards was such a kindness and I’m sure it was therapeutic. New Yorker writer Rachel Syme started a penpal project early in the pandemic and I joined. I didn’t do much with it until several months later when I was back at work teaching high school, exhausted on weekends, and needing a break from digital on the weekends since I was on Zoom all day during the week. I discovered that I could write letters while my son watched bad TV, and I was hooked! 45+ penpals later…..

    2. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Forgot to add–I love that you’re a fellow INFP! It seems to be a fairly rare type if my students are anything to go by (5 out of 120 were INFPs). I’m an Enneagram #1 and working not to be lol.

      1. margaretsmn Avatar

        That’s my husband. A #1 can be tough in your expectations of yourself.

  7. Terje Avatar

    This is a new and interesting format. I hope you get to learn carpentry. You said it loud loud so there is a bigger chance you will make it happen.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      Yes! With most things I want to learn, I just look it up and start learning. I tried to push myself to go in a different direction here with something I hadn’t really thought about before. Now that I’ve spoken it, maybe I will actually learn!

  8. aggiekesler Avatar

    This slice taught me new things about you for sure. Thanks for sharing a new to me format.

    1. Elisabeth Ellington Avatar

      I like how a new format can open up new topics that we haven’t written about before.

      1. aggiekesler Avatar

        Hope you try it out!

  9. humbleswede Avatar

    Love this format. Thanks for highlighting it. I love the “astrology for STEM folks” line. I am an INTP…just a bit less feeling than you. I share your aversion to phone calls, to the point that my family will grab the phone in exasperation as I stall and stew before calling for take out. I’m struggling with a slice tonight. I was going to go through photos, but this is a better “constraint.” Photos are too much of a rabbit hole for a P.

  10. Trina Avatar

    You make me really want to come and visit Detroit!

    I love that you want to make a catio! I have a screened in porch, but my kitties would really like something nicer. I wish that I had some sort of word working skills, too!

    I have felt so fortunate to have received letters from you! It has been such a gift, Elisabeth!

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