Win, Lose or Draw #sol22 25/31

Slept until 4:00 a.m. (that’s sleeping in for this insomnia sufferer)
Left the house early enough to pick up a breakfast sandwich and iced coffee on the way to workDiscovered too late that my photocopies had a giant smudge on one lineDidn’t need to use those copies anyway
I had a much easier day than I anticipatedNearly all of my students skipped school to prepare for an evening eventMy Thursday class will be one day behind my Friday classes, but they are usually 1-2 days ahead, so it will all even out
The students who did come to school completed missing work and credit recovery courses
A colleague invited me to observe a class he’s struggling with & I have a lot of ideas to suggestI lost my prepI didn’t get a response to my email to HR but my principal said she fully supports me and will advocate for me
Had to work 3.5 hours late at that event most of my students skipped school to prepare for
Enjoyed eating a special treat but didn’t feel great afterwards
Got to see students all dressed up with their proud families
My husband, who doesn’t cook, made dinner! A bowl of chili was waiting for me when I got homeWe ran out of oyster crackers, and I’ll have to go to the grocery store on Friday to get more–otherwise my son can’t eat chiliI can get the other things on my grocery list too
Connected with a colleague to brainstorm strategies for a student’s challenging behaviorsStayed up until 10:30 p.m. texting her and strategizing

And of course the biggest win of all: Thursday was Friday eve, and my spring break starts tomorrow!

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My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Today’s idea comes from Sherri’s Win-Loss.

33 responses to “Win, Lose or Draw #sol22 25/31”

  1. I love this format, and I am VERY impressed that you did a spreadsheet with it! So glad to see so many wins for your day.

  2. Interesting format. I don’t think I’ll copy this one, though. It’s too orderly for this brain right now. It seems like a good way to reframe some of the events of the not being bitter about the class skippers, because…

  3. This is super mentor worthy. You’ve been finding and then enhancing a lot this year. LOVE IT! Didn’t count, but I hope there were more in the win column for you.

    • I didn’t count either, but the day felt like an overall win. Slicing writers are doing so many interesting things this month. I’ve still got pages of ideas bookmarked that I won’t have time to get to.

  4. Usually charts aren’t storytelling–but this one is. I may have to steal this idea in the coming week; it’s an interesting way to look at a day. Thanks for introducing me to something new!

  5. This would be such a fun format to try with kids. I could see doing “fortunately, unfortunately” one day and then adding the “draw” column the next day.

  6. Oh, how I need to try this. I may steal the idea again – – what a perfect way to end the day with a bowl of chili from a noncooking hubby. That is a pure act of love. You get to do the happy dance this afternoon…..we have one more week until break. Thanks for the cool slice today!

  7. What a great idea and format! Your wins are so insightful…And this is such an important reflection on life- we all have wins, losses and draws! Sometimes it’s really how we frame it

  8. Thanks, Elisabeth! What a very cool thing to see what you’ve done with this format. I’m thrilled that it worked for you. I learned so much about you and had a couple of great chuckles, too!

    • Your blog has been incredibly creative this month–I love how you’ve pushed yourself in so many ways creatively. With so many of your posts this month, I’m left thinking wait, how did she come up with that idea and how did she execute it so well!?

      • That’s so generous of you, Elisabeth. I’ve really appreciated how you’ve drawn on and pointed to the incredible wealth of ideas in the slicer community. Role-modeling!

  9. I wondered if this might be from Sherri – she’s been doing lots of tables this month. I find myself drawn to the “draw” column today. Interesting. Also, I just want to say: there are no cats in any of these columns, which seems highly unlikely to me.

    • LOL, you know that cats are ALWAYS a win!! Most mornings, the lose would be “leaving late for work” and the win would be “only because I had a five-cat lap and couldn’t disturb them.”

  10. This is an interesting format that shows at a glance the kind of day it was. I believe that any day the where the wins outnumber the losses is a good day.

  11. Really loved reading this. Win-lose-draw or fortunately/unfortunately. You captured a lot in this slice. You inspired me to cast my eye back over this day through this lens.

  12. What a marvelous way to reflect. Have you tried this with students? I think my very competitive kiddos would love to reflect in this way. It would also show others how they see their world and themselves.

    • I’ve never tried this with students, but I think it would go over well with many of my students as well. I’m finding that they really like charts and more visualize ways to order thinking and writing.

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