#sol 22 26/31

5 Things That Made Me Smile
My students’ joy when I handed them Play-Doh for a poetry activity I borrowed from Teach Living Poets

Weird questions from teenagers:
Student A: Do you have a son?
Me: Yes.
Student A: Is it a human son?
Student B: Do you know who Lebron is?
Student C: Do you know what D1 is?

Cat antics: my cats, my mom’s cats, cat Twitter, updates on a stray cat I rescued who is currently living his best life

The bell ringing at 3:20 on Friday afternoon–the start of spring break

Sitting at a coffee shop to write for the first time since July

4 Words to Describe My Week

3 Plans for the Weekend
Hold cats
Write letters
Comment on 120 slices for the Comment Challenge

2 Things I Learned This Week
That it’s always the right choice to advocate for myself even when it’s uncomfortable
That our new poetry study is going to bring playfulness, engagement, and energy to the last months of the school year

1 Goal for the Weekend
Take a walk to look for crocus and snowdrops


My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Today, I’m borrowing a format I discovered at Multifaceted Musing and A Day in the Life.






20 responses to “ #sol 22 26/31”

  1. KevinHodgson (@dogtrax) Avatar

    Here’s hoping you find crocus and snowdrops and sleep.

  2. Terje Avatar

    Happy Spring break! The time for sleep and writing and playing with cats increased significantly.

  3. jcareyreads Avatar

    These little prompts pack in a lot. Happy break!

  4. Melanie Meehan Avatar

    Love your theme for the month, love that you noticed the commenting challenge, and love the variety of glimpses and information about you that your format provides! Good luck with those crocuses!

  5. kimhaynesjohnson Avatar

    Okay, I’m taking on your weekend goal. I like to look for Sassafras and smell the root beer smell. I was a month shy of seeing the Texas Bluebonnets covering the Texas Hill Country, but there are so many local flowers that hope to be seen, and I can do that. I laughed about the human son. My heart wants to hug that kid for knowing that dogs are our sons, too. He knows.

  6. carwilc Avatar

    This is our first day of Spring Break too. My goal needs to be to clean house, but I am going to take a walk too!! My neighbors have crocuses that are blooming!

  7. humbleswede Avatar

    Congratulations on making it to Spring Break. As usual, I love how you make this format work for you. I love the kids’ questions. I got one yesterday when a book mentioned Michelangelo:
    K1: Who’s Michelangelo?
    Me: He was a painter and sculptor who lived about 500 years ago.
    K2: Is he dead?

    I hope you find lots of crocuses and write (and receive) lots of letters. And get some sleep.

  8. Annalee Avatar

    This is a great and intentional
    Format for reflection. I think I’ll adopt this! Thank you for sharing.

  9. TammyB Avatar

    I always love the questions students ask me too. I try to write down things the kids say as often as possible.
    I am so happy to be on spring break too! Enjoy and try to get some more rest than you have been. I know it is hard.

  10. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    This is such a wonderful writing exercise, and I always wonder why I don’t do it more often! Enjoy your break. I hope it is filled with lots of writing, cat holding and relaxation!

  11. jarhartz Avatar

    You always share something that inspires, informs and Instigates (I had to come up with another i word) laughter. You always show up for your slices. This is a reflection of you.

  12. […] found this format, as I have found so many, on Elisabeth Ellington‘s blog. She has been my teacher in this year’s challenge. Thank you, friend. You are […]

  13. arjeha Avatar

    I like that your one goal focus on some quite time for you. We all need to recharge our batteries.

  14. Trina Avatar

    I love #teachlivingpoets! It’s such a rich resource. I have used Playdoh with students, too.

    It’s great that you are focusing on so many things that fill you during this break!

  15. Tam Truong Avatar

    Today must be my lucky day. I am being inspired by all kinds of interesting writing formats. Love this 5-4-3-2-1 idea and will definitely borrow to use at some point. Enjoy the break!

  16. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    Number 4 is so you: very grounded in the here and now, but seeking joy always!

  17. Annalee Avatar

    This format is an intentional tool for reflection. I enjoyed reading it as it shows the reader about you and what your dealing with right now. Thanks for sharing.

  18. […] This morning, I captured these thoughts in my notebook, as usual. But several fellow Slicers have inspired me to share them in the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 format, such as my writing buddy Leigh Anne at A Day in the Life and Elisabeth at The Dirigible Plum. […]

  19. livinglife816287820 Avatar

    This is definitely a great writing tool and there are things to make you smile, sigh, feel sad about, joyous about, all the emotions! I hope you meet your comments goal too!

  20. Susan Kennedy Avatar

    I am fascinated by your blog challenge process this year. I wonder how you organize this.

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