Dear Writer’s Block #sol22 29/31

Dear Writer’s Block,

I shouldn’t even call you writer’s block. You’re too mild to be writer’s block. But I don’t know what else to call you. All I really mean is that I went fishing for my slice and caught nothing. It’s the first morning this month when I haven’t landed a slice idea within just a few minutes of going fishing, the first morning the slices just weren’t biting.

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I never like a metaphor that goes on too long, and this one has already become tedious to me, but I’m going to stick with it for one more line. I cast my net wider than usual this morning–read dozens of slices, skimmed every idea in my slicing idea doc (a grand total of 53–not counting the ones I’ve already written), even skimmed through the archives of my own blog–something I virtually never do–searching for an idea.


Which isn’t to say there weren’t ideas.

For instance.

There are 53 ideas in my Slice 2022 Ideas doc. Fifty-three ideas I haven’t written about yet. I saved those ideas because I wanted to write them. But today nothing gave me that writing spark.

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I probably skimmed 53 slices written by other slicers this morning. There was most certainly something there I could write about. But I opened and closed tab after tab with nothing.

On my own blog, I reread several of my old posts about cats because surely, if nothing else, I’ve got a cat slice in me today. Maybe I could think of an actual sixth thing to share about Panda. The 4,500 photos of cats that were on my phone two years ago have now grown to 7,876. Is there not something in those extra 3,376 photos to write about?

There’s always that one day in March when we’re all guaranteed a visit from you, writer’s block. Even when the writing feels easy, as this month has for me, there’s always that one day where nothing wants to be written. Every slice idea I think of is a shoulder shrug; it’s all meh and blah and why bother?

I can’t help but think I inadvertently invited you. Just yesterday I was congratulating myself that I’d nearly made it through the whole month without spending time with you, and that was probably enough to open the door and let you in.

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But that’s okay. When you arrive, I always feel like you’re going to be staying with me forever, but you’ve always been a temporary guest. Here for a day or two, and then gone. By tomorrow, chances are good that the slices will be biting and getting hooked.

And so today, I’ll do what so many of us do on that one day in March: write about you.

My usual complimentary close is “Best, Elisabeth,” but I’m not sending you my best.

Til next year,



My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Mrs Bruno Writes has written all of her slices this month in the form of letters, which gave me the idea to write a letter to my writer’s block.

44 responses to “Dear Writer’s Block #sol22 29/31”

  1. What a great slice! I love the letter format and the metaphor that you thread throughout so deftly. I can also really relate to having lots of ideas and nothing to write about. It’s funny how something that feels like a great idea, a spark, can fizzle out if left untended in a list. I was just thinking about that yesterday. I guess there’s a certain alchemy involved. A click, or a nibble on the hook, that tugs you and says, “Yup! I’ve got one today!” Wishing you fruitful fishing for these last few days 🙂 Thanks for a fabulous slice!

    • “If left untended”–yes! I never thought about this before, but I think we must do more than just collect writing ideas for them to amount to anything. They need to be tended a bit.

  2. Oh, how I love this slice! I’m standing in applause – for the truth of the empty fish hook and no bites, for the nod to the acceptance of the lack of the muse. I like how you have ideas filed to write. What a great strategy. I also like that they are a lot like matches. They can be there, but they have to strike to ignite. Even without an idea you liked, you have done wonderful writing – and that is a great lesson for all of us. Write anyway about the fish that didn’t bite. Clever!

  3. This is so well crafted! When I hit this wall, I couldn’t even figure out how to make a metaphor work…long or short. I am taking your line, “When you arrive, I always feel like you’re going to be staying with me forever, but you’ve always been a temporary guest” with me today. Thank you!

  4. This is the best writer’s block slice I’ve ever read! I loved the metaphor and how you wrote to writer’s block as if it was an unwanted guest. We’ve all been here too…but you sure wrote a lot about not knowing what to write about!!

  5. Oh, I had my day with Lady Writer’s Block a few days ago We’re lucky if she only comes once a year. Just wanted you to know on this 3rd day of my countdown, your blog pops up 3rd when I google “the dirigible plum.”

    • I’m always lucky if writer’s block only comes once too. But with only two days left, I feel like I can manage to do SOMETHING even if I’m not feeling particularly enthusiastic tomorrow.

  6. I love the meta-slice, where the subject is the slice, even when the subject is a missing slice. I feel this same sense you’ve described, as I scan my “slice possibilities” list that still has may untried items. This, though, is.a way to push through the door…by writing your way through the problem.

    • So odd how sometimes our list of possibilities seems to have no energy at all. I always enjoy a writer’s block slice (and have read quite a few this month, so I know I’m not alone.)

  7. Only writers understand the “I have a google drive full of ideas yet I want to write about none of them!”
    I would have liked to see the list of 53 ideas….maybe that can be your last slice – what I didn’t write about during the challenge! LOL

    • Last year I think my last post of the month was 31 ideas I didn’t slice about. I might do that again on March 31–I already have a mentor text slice picked out to respond to for that one if I decide to go for it. It’s awkward to have so many ideas and want to write about exactly none of them. Writer problems!

  8. I wish I had seen this a few weeks ago when writer’s block visited me. I just slammed the door and pretended he wasn’t in the room.

  9. I think Writer’s Block is extremely busy during March making the rounds to so many of us. You can track Block’s movement by the days different bloggers are paid a visit. I had my visit early in this challenge. Yes, because Block has so many people to visit we know he won’t hang around for long.

    • Ha, that’s hilarious–he’s really been making the rounds this month! I feel bad knowing that when he leaves me tomorrow, he’ll find someone else! But at least we can take comfort in the fact that he doesn’t stay for long.

    • That’s so funny! I usually sit down with an idea because I’ve already skimmed some slices and found my mentor text. Hoping my usual system works tomorrow! I’ve already done everything clever I can do with writer’s block!

  10. We have all felt this writers block. I love the idea of writing a letter to writers block. The metaphor is great and I love the closing, “till next year” because, darn it, invited or not it will creep in again!

  11. This is an amazing letter. I found myself nodding vigorously indeed. It’s my second year slicing, but I found this year to be more challenging than last for me. I almost gave up several times, but kept on even if it was with photo dumps or short poems or six word stories. I really like the idea of writing letters. Something to consider next year!
    Also, what a brilliant idea to gather ideas on a document – 53! 🙂

    • A slice ideas doc saves me every year! It’s interesting to me how each year feels a little different. I found year 2 very hard as well. But I have also found that it’s gotten easier–or maybe I’ve just become confident that I’ll get through the month even if it’s challenging. I personally love a short slice, so I bet all of your readers have been grateful!

  12. Awesome. And you did invite because yesterday you told me you had more ideas that you could use. I think you rallied. I had one day I just didn’t have it in me at all.

  13. This is lovely. I am glad that you still showed up. And, I totally smiled to see all of the cat photos on your phone. I am totally becoming THAT person!

  14. I love the letter, the metaphor, the idea that you have 53 ideas (I have some but not even close to that number) and that you continue to share ideas…even when you “don’t any!”

  15. So I came here to ignore my Writer’s Block. I figure if I look focused and less distracted, seat in the chair and such, they’ll get the message and go away (I’m not sure as to how Block identifies).

    Right now, they are looking over my shoulder, asking for attention.

    Me: typing… wondering about the letter form. Hoping they get the hint.

  16. You make me laugh! How can someone with writer’s block have so much to write about? Only you! I have so enjoyed each and every slice you wrote this March!

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