Morning with Cats #sol22 30/31

Three, possibly four
Occasionally even five
Living weighted blanket
Of lap cats
Purrs, sighs, shifts
Devoted morning companions


My theme for Slice of Life 2022 is finding inspiration in the writing of others. Each day I plan to find my slice in someone else’s words or forms. Several slicers have tried three word stories, and I first bookmarked Debbie Lynn’s version at Moon Snails, Daisies, and Marmots.

16 responses to “Morning with Cats #sol22 30/31”

  1. “Living weighted blanket” – perfect description. I can feel the velvety, breathing, heavy comfort of it. Beautiful photos. I have an affinity for black cats, having had one when I was young.

  2. My first thought of the picture was “one of these things is not like the other”…and this piece sounds so cozy. The format suits the subject perfectly!

  3. Ahh choo! Is all I can say to this morning’s poem. I would love cats more if they didn’t make me sneeze. But I can appreciate them in photos and poems. It looks like such a warm way to start the day. Now I have a tumbling galloot to take for a walk.

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