My Number One Sleep Aid 7/31 #sol23

My number one sleep aid is also my number one sleep hindrance: cats.

The twins are the only cats guaranteed to be in the bed, each one under the blankets stretched along either side of me. Smudge generally prefers the left, and Toast generally prefers the right, but they aren’t particularly picky.

They’re both mildly annoying because they require me to wake up enough to lift the blanket for them to crawl underneath. But once they’re asleep in their spot, they’re usually there for the night.

Pickles sleeps with me most nights, at least for awhile, but he’s so small and so unobtrusive as a sleeping companion that I don’t usually notice he’s there unless I pat the bed near his spot (curled on top of the blankets near my right hip) to find him.

And then there is this one.

Panda is going through a phase of sleeping with me, which I dislike. He’s extremely heavy and never takes the hint that he needs to move when I try to shift position. He has two places he sleeps: under the blankets pinning down my left arm, his face peeking out from the covers an inch or two from my face, or stretched across my hips, where he slowly slides between my legs until I am in the shape of outstretched snow angel to accommodate his girth.

This is how I woke up at two a.m., deeply uncomfortable and flailing from side to side in an attempt to dislodge him. Of course he didn’t get it. I had to wake up enough to sit up, scoop him up, and move him to one side. And then I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I lay there trying to fall back asleep for an hour, until my number one sleep aid appeared.

I admit that most people would consider Chipotle to be a terrible bed cat. He will only lay in two spots (curled under my left arm or on my chest, neither of which is particularly comfortable). He must be under the blankets, and he will ram me repeatedly with his head to wake me enough to lift them. He is a nervous cat and bolts if I shift or if he hears a noise or if another cat gets too close. He digs his claws into my skin when he’s happy, and he digs his claws into my skin when he’s scared–and he’s always either happy or scared or some mix of both, so there is a lot of claw.

But there is something about Chipotle that puts me right to sleep. I can be wide awake when he appears, and within a minute or two of him settling on my chest, I’m out. He only sleeps with me maybe once a week, but he does have impeccable timing, showing up just as I’m about to give up and start my day at some ridiculous hour like three a.m.

Whenever he appears, I always worry for a moment that I’ve deluded myself about his soporific effect and that I still won’t be able to go back to sleep. But he is sleep magic every single time. He’s my favorite cat for many reasons–but it doesn’t hurt that he also my number one sleep aid.






11 responses to “My Number One Sleep Aid 7/31 #sol23”

  1. wordancerblog Avatar

    Can I borrow Chipotle? You could rent him out and make a lot of money! Great post!

  2. arjeha Avatar

    What? You expect me to move? This is my bed after all. Be glad I let you share it. Love this. We have the same problem. Ned loves getting under the covers. Molly is not happy unless she is curled up against any part of my body. Getting her to move…impossible.

  3. Trish Avatar

    Oh my gosh, this is my life even though I only have one. Cowboy runs that gamut of positions—a bit of Panda, a bit of Pickles, and a dose of twins on some occasions. He’s got some Chipotle in him, too, and I’m with you, 3 a.m. is too early—but you’re not alone at that hour, that’s for sure!

  4. Natalie Dunne Avatar

    That’s a lot of cats in the bed! You’re very kind to let them all in the bed with you! I have trouble enough with my own body hurting at night in the positions I put it in, I can’t have my cat dictating that. For that and some other reasons, we made our room a cat free zone from the start. But it’s sweet you have them all with you.

  5. edifiedlistener Avatar

    It has been many years since I have lived with cats but I remember that time fondly. I always enjoy reading about your life of cats because each of them gets some time in the spotlight. You have quite a cast of characters overnight!

  6. Natasha Avatar

    It’s so fun to read about your cats! I love the pictures that accompany the descriptions–the cats all look like they have such attitudes. 🙂 I love how their different personalities are revealed through their sleeping choices.

  7. Trina Avatar

    Such a sweet clowder, Elisabeth! My cats sleep with me, too. When I am away for the weekend, I miss them. One of my cats purrs so loudly – it lulls me to sleep!

  8. margaretsmn Avatar

    Years ago I had a cat who slept right next to me like a teddy bear. Once I had children though, we set up some ground rules that included all pets and children. Our bed was off limits. My sister sleeps with a Great Dane. I appreciate the details about each baby (cat) in your life.

  9. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Ah, yet another reason that I love Chipotle. Of course he helps you sleep, even if it doesn’t seem like he should.

  10. Celia Fisher Avatar

    Such a lovely bedful of cats! You are very fortunate to have so many cats that will sleep with you, however, uncomfortably. We have two tortoiseshells and I think they obviously are not bed cats. If they’re on the bed it’s right at the bottom…so I am envious of yours. Maybe black and white cats make the best sleep companions? Mind you when it’s 25 deg Centigrade you don’t need them cuddled up close.

  11. aggiekesler Avatar

    I love your cats’ names! Pickles is my favorite. 🙂 They sure do each have a personality all their own!

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