I Can’t Be the Only One 8/31 #sol23

I can’t be the only one who….

thinks two kittens are better than one

prefers to eat sandwiches dry with no condiments

has never pierced my ears

identifies as a coffee snob but also has a favorite brand of instant

never adds sugar to cornbread, not even a tablespoon

takes photos of interesting patterns of tree bark

counts summer as my least favorite season

doesn’t like food to touch on the plate

procrastinates filling the car with gas until the yellow E light turns on

untucks sheets and blankets before I can sleep

never turns my phone ringer on

joins multiple reading challenges even though I never read all the books


This fun prompt comes from Britt at Britt Escribe. Thanks for inspiring a slice!






15 responses to “I Can’t Be the Only One 8/31 #sol23”

  1. kimlwhitmore Avatar

    What a delightful way to explore individual differences, and then conclude that it’s all okay. I would love to try this with my students. Thank you!

  2. Book Dragon Avatar

    What a fun prompt! I, too, untuck bedding preferring to cacoon myself for slumber.

  3. arjeha Avatar

    This is a fun format. I definitely agree with you about the number of cats. I am also not a fan of condiments.

  4. Terje Avatar

    I like this format. I am a person who has never pierced my ears

  5. hannanabanana Avatar

    Haha this is cool! I left my gas tank running to E yesterday and somewhat love the thrill of making it just in time to fill it up ha! I also love cats and definitely think two is better than one. I’ll have to read the original post that inspired you

  6. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    Love this format. Yes to “procrastinates filling the car with gas until the yellow E light turns on”… in fact, the light is about to turn on with alarming beep.

  7. chuizar Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this structure, inspired by another slicer. I lover the nuanced things you shared about yourself.

  8. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    This would be fun to do with students! We have some days during testing where I might try this. I am also a non-touching food person and of course, I can relate with your last one!

  9. aggiekesler Avatar

    This is a great way to get to know you! I have to say, you are NOT the only one who never turns your phone ringer on…I do that, too!

  10. TLC Avatar

    I love this idea for a prompt. Thanks for sharing. The only one I have the same is- identifies as a coffee snob but also has a favorite brand of instant. We use a percolator, so finding a good instant was something I did when I just wanted one little cup later in the day!

  11. Trina Avatar

    Another great slice, Elisabeth! I agree – two kittens are better than one. Much easier! Also, I never turn on my ringer either.

  12. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Lots of fun here -and I, too, take pictures of tree bark.

  13. karpenglish Avatar

    I love this slice! I also like my sandwiches dry and take pictures of tree bark when it looks interesting. Who doesn’t think two kittens are better than one? They are so cute when they play together!

  14. cmargocs Avatar

    I can definitely relate to the tree bark and un-favorite summer! An interesting list–thanks for sharing.

  15. Outlier – The Way I See It Avatar

    […] to Dirigible Plum for the […]

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