Snow Day 10/31 #sol23

My teachers’ chats were lively last night as we all stayed up past our bedtimes, waiting for our district to announce a school closure for today.

The snow hadn’t even started, and last week’s prediction of eight inches hadn’t amounted to nearly so much. March weather is unpredictable in Michigan. I thought schools might want to see actual snowflakes before closing.

But the announcements began about 7:30 pm, and with each closure, the chat got a little more… chatty.

Ours was one of the last districts to cave, and I had already fallen asleep. But I’m greeted this morning with the welcome news of an unexpected day off.

I have nothing in particular that I’m planning to do, which is the very best kind of snow day. Some leisurely slicing, commenting more than I usually manage during the week, maybe starting a new book, finishing a couple of letters. Holding cats for sure. I have a lap full right now, in fact.






16 responses to “Snow Day 10/31 #sol23”

  1. Haley Domin Avatar

    Congratulations on your snow day! Enjoy the day of rest!

  2. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    Hooray for the joy of a snow day!! I know you will enjoy it to the max!! Your cats will be so happy to have you home.

  3. amyilene Avatar

    Enjoy this gift of time!

  4. Trish Avatar

    I awakened to a bit of snow on the ground, too, completely unexpected, but I hadn’t expected to sub, so…Enjoy the lapful of cuddles! (I’ve got my own black and white bundle.)

  5. WOWilkinson Avatar

    Enjoy your day off. My district on the west coast didn’t call it until 5:30 this morning, but after conference week, it was a pleasant surprise.

  6. arjeha Avatar

    A snow day is an unexpected gift not to be used doing mundane things like cleaning or laundry. They are for relaxing and pampering yourself, doing whatever you want whenever you want. Enjoy your day.

  7. Teachingnest87 Avatar

    Snow days are a gift. Enjoy yours! Thankfully our district hasn’t moved to virtual snow days. They realized they couldn’t uphold the mantra of “In person learning is best” from the pandemic and make us do virtual snow days.

  8. Suzanne Avatar

    Cats and teachers love snow days! I felt your energy, that feeling that only a snow forecast can produce!

  9. rdicarne Avatar

    I am jealous! We have had a snowless winter here near Philadelphia!

  10. aggiekesler Avatar

    Growing up, I was always jealous of people who got snow days. In Texas, that was definitely not a thing. But I saw them on movies and fantasized about them. Sounds like yours was the perfect kind!

  11. Trina Avatar

    I hope that you were able to enjoy your snow day! It’s even better when you find out early. We had a snowy day here, but only 4 inches – not enough to cancel school

  12. Ramona Avatar

    Nothing like a snow day with nothing in particular planned! Love your lapful of cats.

  13. Jill Bless Avatar

    Sounds delightful! I remember watching the school systems scroll at the bottom of the tv when I was a kid. Then the years of teaching when we had a phone tree. Now we get a text alert from the district. The ways of announcing have changed, but not that feeling of an unexpected day off!

  14. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Mmm… snow days & cats. Commenting & reading. Sounds like an excellent day – I hope it was restful.

  15. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    At least I can live vicariously through your slice. The chatty chats and mounting excitement are contagious.

  16. karpenglish Avatar

    Did your cats enjoy the snow? My two Savannahs seem to worry about it quite a bit, and run from window to window chirping and snapping at it. Of course, we get very little snow, so maybe Michigan cats are made of stronger stuff. My third cat does not care if white stuff is flying through the air. She is smart and heads straight for the best lap spot on snow days.

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