How We Met Pickles: A Photo Essay

Pickles was never supposed to be cat #9. He was supposed to stay outside with his feral mama and papa and his feral siblings.

Here he is the very first time I saw him. Four siblings are tucked under that hosta, protected by Mama, but there goes Pickles venturing down the driveway to attack a squirrel. Curiosity wins out over fear every time for Pickles.

Here he is a few days later, no mama in sight, traipsing around the garage feeding station looking for a snack. He didn’t run when I came outside, didn’t run when I crept up to him, didn’t run when I reached my hand out for him to sniff. Within minutes of meeting each other, he let me pick him up and hold him. I’m not sure he liked it. But curiosity won out over fear. Pickles simply didn’t know he was supposed to be a feral cat.

And here he is a week later, sitting on my bed after a late-night rescue operation involving a raccoon–with no mama in sight to protect or retrieve her kitten. It was supposed to be a one-night thing. Keep him safe from the raccoon until morning, when mama would return to the feeding station and he could be placed outside for her to find.

But then he spent the night curled up beside my pillow. He purred. He played. He fell asleep in my lap. He appeared to be the World’s Best Kitten. He was certainly the World’s Cutest.

And his mama was so very absent-minded, constantly wandering off without one or more of her kittens, leaving them alone to fend off possums, raccoons, and other feral cats and then to cross the road alone to return home. In just a couple of weeks of being out in the world, two of his siblings had already disappeared. If we put him back outside, we’d probably end up having to rescue him again–if he didn’t meet a violent end first.

Usually the decision to add another cat involves endless conversation and strategizing and changing our minds and looking for other options (rescues, shelters, fosters, my long-suffering mother) first. But the morning after rescuing him from the raccoon, we looked at Pickles and we just knew. Cat #9.






19 responses to “How We Met Pickles: A Photo Essay”

  1. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    This is a great story/photo essay! I love seeing these infant photos again. I’m so glad you adopted him. Best decision ever!

  2. Anita Ferreri Avatar
    Anita Ferreri

    It sounds to me like “love” at first purr….

  3. TLC Avatar

    I love the photos in this piece. I’m not a cat person yet, but he is adorable and it sounds like he is where he belongs!

  4. margaretsmn Avatar

    Ah, sweet Pickles. Love at first sight!

  5. Glenda Funk Avatar

    Pickles is so cute, and his story touched my heart. He needs his own IG account, and he needs to be in a picture book. Adorable!

  6. evarkaplan Avatar

    What a perfect story for a photo essay. Pickles is quite a lucky kitten to be saved and be number 9!

  7. arjeha Avatar

    Love this. Looking at that sweet face how could he not become cat #9. It is eay to see why he won your heart.

  8. Jill Bless Avatar

    I love the progression of your photos. Each picture Pickles becomes a little more entwined with your heart.

  9. Trina Avatar

    My daughter and I just read your post. We both agreed that Pickles is the cutest kitten. Pickles definitely won the lottery!

  10. Ramona Avatar

    Oh, Pickles, no wonder you became Cat #9. You’re absolutely adorable and totally irresistible!

  11. Book Dragon Avatar

    Thank you for sharing the story about Pickles. He is lucky to be in your loving home. I loved all the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amanda Regan Avatar

    Pickles is adorable! Clearly, he was meant for a life of luxury. How lucky he was to find you!

  13. Susan Kennedy Avatar

    Pickles just adventured his way right into your heart and home.

  14. aggiekesler Avatar

    Omg…how could you resist that cute face? You couldn’t. You had to take him in. I totally get it.

  15. Amanda Potts Avatar

    Pickles is 100% cuteness, and who can resist a cat whose motto is “curiosity won out over fear”? I loved the photos and the story.

  16. kd0602 Avatar

    Oh my! That face…I see why Pickles became cat #9. Love the photo essay.

  17. Natasha Avatar

    Oh, so cute! You’ve done such a great job of showing readers exactly why Pickles belonged in your house!

  18. karpenglish Avatar

    Oh, that little face!!! He so clearly knew that he was not a feral cat and he did not live under that hosta!

  19. Celia Fisher Avatar

    Oh Pickles, so glad you escaped raccoons and being a feral cat! Now you have 8 brothers and sisters! You certainly have an amazing face with that look of permanent surprise.

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