Another Thing I Love about Detroit 18/31 #sol23

There’s a long list of things I love about living in Detroit, but here’s one of my favorites: you’re driving down a street you haven’t been on before, and suddenly there’s the greatest mural in the world painted on a building in front of you.

I had this experience last weekend. Driving home from a bookstore, taking a different route, and suddenly there she was: The Girl with the D Earring, a mural I’ve seen online plenty of times but never seen for myself.

The streets were quiet, so there was no one to mind–or rear-end me–when I slowed to snap a photo.

The artist is Detroit native Sydney G. James, and the Detroit Press has a great photo essay on the creation of this mural. Well worth clicking through to see the sheer scale of this painting (it’s HUGE!).






11 responses to “Another Thing I Love about Detroit 18/31 #sol23”

  1. Book Dragon Avatar

    Oh my gosh, this mural is stunning! What gorgeous public art. I can see why it is your favorite.

  2. arjeha Avatar

    Oh wow!. What a wonderful happenstance to come upon this great piece of public art. It must have been something for the people watching the artist working on this project.

  3. Glenda Funk Avatar

    Art certainly is my favorite thing about Detroit. Love that mural. I’m still kicking myself for not booking an extra day in Amsterdam last year for a side trip to the Hague to see Girl with the Pearl Earring. I wonder if I can make that side trip work when we visit the UK in a few months.

  4. Trina Avatar

    That’s stunning! I’ve never been to Detriot. You keep giving me reasons to visit!

  5. Amanda Potts Avatar

    What a great mural! Ottawa has recently started commissioning murals for downtown, too. It’s astonishing what coming upon one can do for my mood. So glad you got this picture!

  6. aggiekesler Avatar

    I love street art! What a treat to stumble upon. It’s gorgeous!

  7. Trish Avatar

    Just WOW! What a pleasure to drive by a masterpiece.

  8. Heidi Atlas Avatar

    That is amazing, and it’s amazing that you captured it so well. I don’t think I’ve ever driven by such a beautiful giant mural on a street. Yes, wow.

  9. Ramona Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous! No murals on our drive home from the mountains today, but we did see some buffalo.

  10. Lakshmi Bhat Avatar

    The mural is so beautiful and so full of life. I wonder who the lady is.

  11. Suzanne Avatar

    This is marvelous. I was just in Sarasota, FL at an outdoor exhibit called, “Embracing Our Differences”. One of the art exhibits was a poster (these were all huge posters) of about 20 interpretations of “The Girl With the Pearl Earring”. It was impressive. Your slice reminded me of it.

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