Cat Haiku 23/31 #sol23

how to start my day

when a cat chooses morning

to sleep on my chest?






9 responses to “Cat Haiku 23/31 #sol23”

  1. sallydonnelly11 Avatar

    My daughter’s cat, Rajah, could be your cat’s twin!
    So naturally, I’m sending her this fun haiku! I’m sure you enjoy your cat as much as she does!!

  2. evarkaplan Avatar

    A sweet way to start your day….and with such a beautiful cat!

  3. Heidi Atlas Avatar

    Don’t you love it? My cat Mister is such a cuddler, and it’s too hard to resist any time of day. Adorable picture and haiku.

  4. Book Dragon Avatar

    So glad Pickles is a source of inspiration for SOLSC. Love the photos!

  5. Amy Crehore Avatar

    This is too cute. I think the answer is, you don’t. You relish in the cuddles and start whenever they’re ready!

  6. aggiekesler Avatar

    Looks like you’re stuck. Better call in! 😂

  7. arjeha Avatar

    Under no circumstances should the cat be disturbed. 🙂

  8. Trina Avatar

    I get into this predicament all of the time! Love those lap cats!

  9. Ramona Avatar

    Lap of luxury,
    Oh, Pickles, you tickle me.
    Let Mom go to work.

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