On This Day 29/31 #sol23

On this day last year, I wrote a letter to my writer’s block.

Two years ago, I researched the books that were published in the year I was born.

Three years ago, we had all just shifted to Zoom teaching, Zoom meeting, Zoom living, and I shared where I and my cat co-workers zoomed from. (It’s hard to imagine a time I found Zooming to be a fun novelty, but this slice is proof that for a time, I didn’t mind Zooming at all.)

Four years ago, I found inspiration in another slicer’s Hello There introduction format. Never mind that it was nearly the end of the month, a little late for introductions.

Five years ago, I shared my love of workshop teaching and suggested ways to advocate for change at your school.

Six years ago, I wrote about not having the words when a student cried in my classroom.

Seven years ago, I wrote about slicing (and writer’s block yet again) in a series of six-word memoirs.

2023 marks eight years of slicing for me. Eight years of thinking and writing around the same topics: teaching, books, cats, coffee, writing, reading, reflection. So many things change from year to year, and yet there is a consistency in what’s likely to be in my head, in what wants to be written, that I find comforting.


This slice idea was borrowed from Sherri’s reflection on her years of slicing.

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12 responses to “On This Day 29/31 #sol23”

  1. aggiekesler Avatar

    This is a really great way to reflect on yourself as a writer. I remember reading many of these slices. It’s interesting that you noticed the same themes come up again and again. I’m sure my slices will yield similar findings…themes that I revisit year and year. I should take a look back.

  2. tlmbrosch Avatar

    Very cool to see life over a timeline of bloggin!

  3. WOWilkinson Avatar

    That’s a fun idea! My wordpress blog is blocked on my school computer. I’m not sure why I can access some wordpress posts but not others.

    I’ll have to try from my home computer later. Thanks for sharing.

  4. arjeha Avatar

    This is a wonderful way to recap seven years of this Challenge. It gives insight to what was important to you and going through your mind at the time. It shows growth over the years. If I didn’t have my posts for tomorrow and Friday I would definitely give this a try. Of course, there is nothing stopping me from looking back and just seeing what I was up to over the years.

  5. Juliana Ellington Avatar
    Juliana Ellington

    So, first I went back to the link and read about your student whose heart was so full of pain. Such a powerful blog post about the wisdom and grace of teachers. Then, I started reading the old post about workshop, and I clicked on the link to Mr. Sharp and how much HE LOVES READING!! I laughed and laughed as I watched this partly because I could just imagine you showing this to your high schoolers and to your college education majors. I’m so glad you took us down memory lane!

  6. Amy Crehore Avatar

    I love how you linked each past post, as it allowed me to travel back and read snippets from your life before. 8 years slicing! Very impressive.

  7. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    Such a cool format that can spur further reflection. It’s so interesting to find comfort in patterns and nuances from year to year. Congrats on eight years!

  8. Teachingnest87 Avatar

    I love this idea! I can’t wait to see what I might find when I look back. I only have four years to look back on but I think it will be fun. Your memories of 2020 brought back memories I’d rather forget!

  9. Trina Avatar

    Eight years is quite an accomplishment, Elisabeth! Congratulations! I love how you were able to reflect through this piece.

  10. Amanda Potts Avatar

    This is a really neat format – I liked Sheri’s, too. It’s interesting how often writer’s block comes up, isn’t it? I always figure the end will be easy, but… (also, if you’re interested – but NO PRESSURE – there is a cute picture of Hera on my blog today – even though it’s really about puzzles.)

  11. […] by Elisabeth’s and Sherri’s posts, I used their format to take stock of past and possible […]

  12. Ramona Avatar

    Putting this in my bag of tricks for next year (although I may have done something like it before), I didn’t think of it this year. Glad you’ve been here for 8 years. Always a pleasure to read your posts.

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