8 Observations About Slicing From Year 8 31/31 #sol23

1. It’s always better to slice with special companions. Most mornings found me trying to find room for my laptop among several snoring lap cats, and I always had the tuxedo crew snoozing above me.

2. Most days I felt fairly uninspired when I sat down to write. Ho-hum was my main feeling about writing for the month. There are always a few ho-hum days, but I wasn’t expecting a whole month of ho-hum writing.

3. I felt discouraged when I reread old slices for On This Day. I used to be able to write! I had interesting ideas! I knew how to craft a piece! I used actual writing techniques! Where did all of that go? Is it a matter of not using it much for the last year, and so I’m rusty? Or is my brain broken? (Some days, a lot of days, it feels broken, but I think that’s a state many of us live in now.)

4. I can show up and write even when I’m not feeling inspired. I can show up and write even when I feel like I’ve forgotten how to write. I can show up and write.

5. I wasn’t the most consistent commenter. I rarely had enough time to slice and comment in the mornings before work, WordPress is blocked on my school wifi, and by the time I get home from work, I am trying to get off devices and stop looking at screens. Many days, I only left 3 comments. I know some people stick to the 3 comment suggestion, but I have always been a 15 or 20 or 25 comments-a-day slicer. I tried to make up for it with flurries and blizzards of commenting on the weekends.

6. My favorite thing about slicing is borrowing and loaning slice ideas. I guess it’s not technically borrowing and loaning, because no one has to return anything. But I usually find the seed of my own idea in someone else’s post, and it brings me joy when other slicers find a kernel to write about in something I share.

7. Aside from commenting, my slicing process stayed mostly the same. I’m a morning slicer. I don’t draft in advance (though I wish I did). I keep an ideas document open all the time so I can easily copy and paste the URL of any slice I read that might inspire me to write. I rarely know what I’m going to write when I sit down to write, though sometimes I figure it out while I’m making my coffee and have the first few lines in mind as I’m climbing the stairs to my office.

8. The best thing about slicing, always, is the community. You know that friend you don’t see for years and years, but when you do get together, it’s like no time has passed at all? The Slicing community feels like that friend. March feels like a monthlong reunion, and I’m so grateful to be part of it.






13 responses to “8 Observations About Slicing From Year 8 31/31 #sol23”

  1. Erika Avatar

    I had that meh feeling about my writing this year too… Kudos to you fro sticking with it even when it was hard.

  2. Trish Avatar

    What you said! I found a “duh! why don’t I do that” suggestion for future slicing in #7, and absolutely, resoundingly echo what you say in #8—community is all! I am so glad you’re a part of that community: you show up! (And cuddling cats make me smile.)

  3. arjeha Avatar

    I think your 4th point says it all about us as writers. We can and write whether we are in the mood or not and whether we have something to say or not. I agree with Trish, #8 is so important. If it weren’t for this community I don’t think I would be doing this. Hope to see you back here next year.

  4. Terje Avatar

    Your last lines hug me. It is interesting how the writing challenge can differ in years. “I can show up and write” could be the slicer motto. I am glad you are here.

  5. Barb Edler Avatar

    I appreciate all you’ve shared in your post. I must say, I often felt a bit of that ho hum feeling and found the blogging experience demanding during an already time in my life. I thought the running idea document is one I will steal. You’re showing up and writing is what it’s all about, and, of course, the community of writers makes it all worth it.

  6. mschiubookawrites Avatar

    I agree with SO much of this. Thank you for your kernels/seeds and for showing up to write, even if uninspired. The community keeps bringing us back for a reason. Take care and see you next year.

  7. […] Today’s inspiration comes from The dirigible plum […]

  8. Trina Avatar

    I agree with it all. I always looked forward to reading your posts – like hearing from an old friend each day! I hope to meet you in person this year!

  9. Heidi Atlas Avatar

    Love your insights here, Elisabeth. I’m with you with the cats. I often have to move Mister away so I have laptop writing room. I’m also with you with #3, the broken brain syndrome. I too think I was a better writer in previous Marches. (it’s my 5th year.) Thanks for all your ideas; I feel like you pulling together other people’s blog ideas really helped the community. Glad you showed up.

  10. chuizar Avatar

    I can connect with many of your insights. I also got so may idea from other slicers. I do not know why I did not capture the link in a doc That would have saved a lot of time. And of course I love the pictures of your writing companions.

  11. evarkaplan Avatar

    I am always inspired by your slices- as I’ve noticed many others are too! So happy you didn’t sit this year out and pushed through it. I never find this month of writing easy, but it’s so worth it!

  12. aggiekesler Avatar

    Congrats on another year of slicing…especially since it was harder this month. “The best thing about slicing, always, is the community. You know that friend you don’t see for years and years, but when you do get together, it’s like no time has passed at all? The Slicing community feels like that friend. March feels like a monthlong reunion, and I’m so grateful to be part of it.” This, this, is the best!! I so agree! I’m sorry you don’t feel like you wrote as well as you have before, but from where I’m sitting, you’re still a great writer! 😉

  13. Celia Fisher Avatar

    It’s all the more fun because I’m here in Australia and slicing brings me closer to a whole group of people I’ll never actually meet in real life. I have often found inspiration from your different formats (mostly I’m jealous of your cosy cats that fight for your lap whereas our two look at laps with huge disdain..!) After struggling to post some days, I know I’m going to miss the daily writing deadline now…!

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